Reader Question: Sunglasses With a Tux?

Reader Question: Sunglasses With a Tux?

Skip the squinting, protect your eyes in style

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Reader mailbag today!

A wedding-bound reader asks:
“So later this wear I’ll be part of my cousin’s wedding party. We’re wearing traditional black tuxedos with bow ties, which I am excited about because I have usually worn a colored vest or something, but that is besides the point. It will be an outdoor wedding in southern California, in the middle of summer.
With all that sun I was wondering, what sunglasses would work best with a black tux – Ray Ban aviators? Wayfarers? Or should I not wear any sunglasses at all?”

First things first:

It is not beside the point at all that you’re excited to be wearing a tux the way it’s meant to be worn—like a grown up, without any silly “Roll tide in Crimson Tide cummerbunds!” shenanigans.

And sure, I’ve gotten in trouble for outing myself in the past as a long tie sympathizer. The point is, yes, a tux with a bow tie is fantastic. Not-at-all-boringly, traditionally, classily fantastic.

Now on to your question—sunglasses with a tux?

I mean, maybe don’t wear them during the ceremony if you can help it, but…sure! Of course you can bust out some shades at the reception to fend off any unattractive “squinting into the sun” pictures later.

The specs that look best with formalwear are the ones that look best the rest of the time too. Honest to God, if a guy never wore another pair of wraparound “sport” sunglasses, it would be too soon for us ladies. Same with anything too small, or too big, for your face.

One caution: Aviators might be a teeny bit too casual for the occasion. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, you may wan to leave them at home.

Here are some great options to pair with your tux…and the rest of the time too:

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Persol, $350

sunglasses with a tux

Oliver Peoples, $325sunglasses with a tux

Ray-Ban Clubmasters, $153

clubmasters with a tux

SG Says: Y’know what’s funny about these? I remember recommending Clubmasters awhile back, and making a big to-do about how guys shouldn’t be too scared off by such a “fashion-forward” style.

Now I look at these and I’m like, what on earth was I worried about? Either men’s fashion has pushed these shades hard in the last few years, or I just trust you guys more not to dismiss my suggestions out of hand.

Maybe a little of both?


Warby Parker “Griffin”, $95

SG Says: Simple. Elegant. Classic.


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