The Best TikTok Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Best TikTok Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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tiktok valentine's day gift ideas for her

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 28 2024 | 2 min read

Roses are red, violets are blue, ditch the clichés, and get her something new. This Valentine’s Day, skip the lingerie and chocolates and give her what she really wants: something from TikTok.

From helping her embrace her inner mob wife to the newest way to stay hydrated (ah dudes, Stanley cups are so 2023), these are the best Valentine’s Day presents pulled straight from the app.

Below, check out the best TikTok Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Help her embrace the mob wife aesthetic

mob wife aesthetic valentine's day gifts

First things first, the suddenly-omnipresent mob wife aesthetic. Think: gold hoops, red lipstick, anything fur. You get the idea.

I heard this was cooked up by the execs at HBO as a way to gorilla market the 25th anniversary of The Sopranos, and I’ve gotta say, if that’s true? Brava. Well played. Take your flowers. 

Hydration honey

When it comes to TikTok Valentine’s Day gift ideas, no list would be complete without a water bottle. So, show her you understand her by getting her an Owala water bottle this Valentine’s Day. The sleek, colorful containers are the next Stanley. Help put her ahead of the H20 style swing.

Make power moves in power work clothes

Tired? Valentine’s Day lingerie. Wired? Valentine’s Day business casual attire.

Let her know you believe in her corner office aspirations by gifting her work clothes she’ll love wearing.

Think: polished comfort.

Professional for a work meeting but ready to lie down on the couch and finish binging Suits when the day is over.

Stuff for her hair

tiktok hair accessories

l to r:

· Amazon heatless curling set, $16

· Mielle rosemary scalp oil, $9

· J.Crew satin hair bow, $27

· Amazon spa headband, $5

Ladies love watching other ladies do their hair on TikTok. These are the products on everyone’s lips..and, uh, heads, right now.

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