Undressed Podcast Episode 006: Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours

Undressed Podcast Episode 006: Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours

Taking his love of pizza to the streets

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 16 2020 | 1 min read

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Scott Wiener knows good pizza – and that some “bad” pizza can still be pretty good.

His love of pizza began in suburban New Jersey, where weekly pizza runs with his friends became an integral part of his routine. While at college (and on the hunt for regional pizza locales), a friend noticed his affinity for documenting his pizza experiences and gifted him a customized pizza journal to track each slice.

Fast forward nearly six years, a stint as a historic ferryboat caretaker, and 2,200 tours later, Scott has successfully turned his personal love of exploring cultural and regional pizza into a journey loved by pizza novices and experts alike.

So grab a slice (or four) and listen along as I chat to Scott about his pre-pizza tour jobs, world record pizza box collection, and first-ever impending brunch experience.

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