{VIDEO} What Women Want to See Men Wearing - Style Girlfriend

{VIDEO} What Women Want to See Men Wearing

{VIDEO} What Women Want to See Men Wearing

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what women want to see you wearing

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 3 2018 | 3 min read

We get asked all the time by readers, “What do women want to see men wearing?” It’s literally the genesis for how Style Girlfriend got its start (you can listen to the origin story here). And the answer is…different things!

I know, I know. That’s not super helpful, is it? Let me try again.

When it comes to specific pieces women want to see men wearing, that conversation winds up veering away from style and into the territory of “fashion,” which we don’t often trade in here on SG. We’re more about…well, style. The overall way you carry and comport yourself, and in the case of personal style, that means how you wear what you wear, more than what you actually wear. And there are some tenets of style that most of us can agree on: the importance of fit, the worthiness of an investment coat or shoe, but beyond that? It can get pretty subjective.

And that’s the fun part, isn’t it? Seeing where our opinions diverge? And good thing they do, or competing for our attention would get real boring – and real competitive – real quick.

That’s why I wrangled a few members of Team SG; specifically, Brittany, Hitha, and Taylor to share their opinions on – if not what ALL women want to see you wearing – at least what they want to see you wearing. Here’s what they said…

{VIDEO} What women want to see men wearing:

Shop the looks we love:

Taylor’s Pick: Henley

Hitha’s Pick: Suiting

Brit’s Pick: Outerwear

Megan’s Pick: Classic OCBDS



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