8 Warm, Stylish Winter Jackets for Guys
Stay warm, look hot
everlane renew short parka

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Dec 7 2020

Since we’re all grown ups here (or are trying to be, anyway), our winter jackets must accompany us more places than just out to the snow mounds at recess. Meaning? The goal is to find a style that looks good while keeping you warm.

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Of course, this year is unlike any other year, and we doubt many of you need a topcoat that’ll look good over a tux anytime soon.

That, plus, the winter chill dips to very different temperatures depending on where you live, so what’s “warm” enough is relative.

With all that in mind, we put together a list of stylish winter jackets for guys in a variety of climates.

While they lean more towards technical wear for 2020 and 2021, rest assured they’ll all have you looking like a million bucks while feeling like 98 degrees (the average internal body temperature, natch!).

Below, check out 8 #SGapproved stylish winter jackets for guys:

fjallraven-expedition-parka, warm stylish men's winter jackets

1. Fjallraven Expedition Parka, $700

SG Says: A classic style first introduced in 1974, Fjallraven’s Expedition parka is back with a more modern fit.

There’s a warm hood and huge (like, huge) pockets with extra openings that let you put your hands in from above, or from the sides.

Its longer length keeps your butt and thighs warm, while the ethically-produced down defends the rest of you against wind, snow, and rain.

J.Crew Ludlow raglan-sleeve insulated topcoat in English wool

2. J.Crew insulated topcoat, $498

SG Says: You don’t always want to pull on a puffer coat; we get it. A topcoat with an insulated lining, like this J.Crew style, is just the ticket for when you want to dress up a little but still stay warm.

A word to the wise: Winter’s just revving up, but J.Crew is already selling out of this style. So if you want one, shop now.

Timberland men's outdoor heritage expedition parka, stylish winter jackets for guys

3. Timberland Heritage Parka, $348

SG Says: This Timberland parka is perfect for those living in weather that’s about to drop to “Are you f*cking kidding me?” temperatures.

Thankfully, it’s well tailored, and comes in a chic matte black, so you won’t look like you’re walking around in a sleeping bag.

everlane renew short parka

4. Everlane Renew Short Parka, $165

SG Says: Sometimes you just want a winter coat that won’t compete for attention with the rest of your outfit.

Everlane’s cold weather parka will look great with just about anything you wear, outside of formalwear. But who’s getting dressed up these days anyway?

Nike Sportswear Down-Fill Windrunner

5. Nike Sportswear Windrunner, $245

SG Says: This is the year to go long with your puffer coat.

Besides looking cool, this down-fill Nike jacket is also warm af. Invest in one of these past-the-knee puffers (this style comes in a few colors), and you won’t dread a below-zero temp day.

A tip on sizing: If you’re deciding between two sizes of this puffer, size down.

We promise you’ll still have enough room in there to layer three sweaters if you really want to. Just as important, you won’t look like a kid in his big brother’s hand-me-downs.

Carhartt WIP OG Active Jacket (Winter)

6. Carhartt WIP Active Jacket (Winter), $278

SG Says: Look familiar? That’s because the Carhartt WIP brand has been churning out outerwear for farmers, construction workers and more for years.

That means the guy 20 feet up in a telephone pole right now trying to fix the wiring wears Carhartt, and that guy knows from staying warm outside in the winter.

Thankfully, the brand has gone from functional to fashionable in recent years, meaning you benefit from the technical aspects of their outerwear while looking totally on-trend.

Bonobos wool bomber jacket

7. Bonobos wool bomber, $298

SG Says: It might not keep you the warmest of the bunch, but for less than $300, this Bonobos number is a stylish, affordable option for the guy whose farthest trip is generally from the parking lot to the office and back again.

A structured bomber (with a quilted interior for extra warmth) is the perfect, perfectly handsome winter jacket option for guys in weather that doesn’t get too too bad.

Uniqlo seamless down long coat

8. Uniqlo seamless down coat, $180

SG Says: For those whose commutes keep them outdoors a little longer, this Uniqlo puffer coat is great for those guys on a budget.

It’s under $200, and the style will keep you warm on even the coldest days.

Bottom line? If you don’t need to break the bank on your winter coat, don’t.

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