The Off-Duty Summer Outfit Endorsed by Harry Styles

The Off-Duty Summer Outfit Endorsed by Harry Styles

Take notes from the vacationing singer
Harry Styles wearing shorts in Italy on vacation

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 11 2023 | 2 min read

“Please let the people know this is the correct shirt-to-shorts ratio,” my friend texted me.

A few seconds later, an image appeared on my phone. Harry Styles in Italy, looking ready to film the next season of White Lotus.

Harry Styles in Italy wearing green shorts, casual short summer outfit men
image: Just Jared

The singer’s breezy, not-quite-billowing button down shirt hit a few inches above his shorts, which grazed his quads, not even halfway to his knee.

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And here’s a better look from the front, alongside a few friends for a helpful “compare and contrast” situation:

Harry Styles and friends in Italy taking pictures, casual short summer outfit men
image: Just Jared

See how Styles’ outfit look feels rakish and sexy and intentional, while his friends look…well, I’m not going to call them dorky, but you see the difference, right?

So here I am. Letting you, the people—the (mostly) millennial male people—know. 

Please wear short shorts. With a slightly oversize shirt that looks like it could mean business if it wasn’t paired with deck shoes.

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It’s a laissez faire, European vacation-ready look that’s as perfect for the neighborhood pool as it is for an Italian vacation.

Pop star entourage encouraged but not required. 

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