7 Things Women Want to See Men Wearing this Fall

7 Things Women Want to See Men Wearing this Fall

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 1 2017 | 2 min read

Newsflash, guys: Women talk about you when you’re not around. A lot. Like, constantly failing the Bechdel Test at brunch-a lot. And while I’m not saying your style is the first thing that comes up in conversation, what you wear does wind its way into the conversation eventually. So I’m here to be your eyes and ears on the ground to let you know the clothes women love to see you wearing.

Below, seven things women want to see men wearing this fall:

1. Grey jeans

nudie jeans grey, women want to see you wearing

Nudie Jeans, $210

We’ve talked about grey jeans once already this fall, but it bears repeating. This is a color worth incorporating into your denim wardrobe. It’s like a life hack: You look dressed up! But you’re still in jeans! Total win-win.

2. Ready-for-anything boots

timberland britton hill wingtip boots

Timberland wingtip boot, $190

The wingtip says, “I’ll get that report to you by EOD, Tom,” while the SensorFlex midsole says, “I’ll get to the bar before happy hour ends if I have to run across this parking lot to do it.” 

3. New underwear (please)

pair of thieves underwear

 Pair of Thieves boxer brief (pack of two), $23

I propose a deal: us ladies will throw out every ratty bra in our collection if you promise to toss all your hole-y underwear at least once a year…at least

4. Crisp cologne

Phlur “Moab” 50 ml, $85

Again! Please let me know if you are seeing a theme here. Accumulating a fall wardrobe full of pieces women want to see you wearing (and want to smell you wearing?) doesn’t mean overhauling your whole closet. A few updates will do you. If you haven’t already sorted your scent situation for the colder months, there’s no better time to take your nose on a shopping date.

5. Cool new kicks

nike air max light bone

Nike Air Max, $110

Sneakers are a personal thing. I get that. I’m not saying this is the sneaker for you; I’m saying: Go, find your Nike Air Max 90 Essential. 

6. Cozy AF sweater

orvis sweater, clothes women love

Orvis donegal crew sweater, $129

Someday I will judge men’s sweaters by their inherent charms, rather than by how much I want to steal them for myself. That day is not today.

Want more sweaters to choose from? We got ’em, here, here, and here.

7. Winter-proof sunglassesSALT “Reiner” polarized sunglasses, $430

I always buy myself a new pair of sunglasses when the temperature starts dropping so that it’s not all camp socks and puffer coats in my cart at checkout. The “Reiner” style from SALT might be enough to ward off creeping Seasonal Affective Disorder for you, too.




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