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What to Wear to Friendsgiving

What to Wear to Friendsgiving
Time for Pre-Turkey Day Festivities
friendsgiving gathering

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 13 2018 | 3 min read

friendsgiving gathering

We get it, heading to your home for Thanksgiving isn’t always an option. Maybe it’s just too far, or you have to be at work on Black Friday (the reason which can only be because you work for some evil company like E Corp from Mr Robot). Or maybe you’re a student studying abroad for fall semester, or—as was the case for me during my college days—you don’t trust flying out of your tiny college town’s airport on their tiny Buddy Holly planes (a morbid nickname I coined that my parents unsurprisingly despised) any more than absolutely necessary. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Whether you’re hosting your own Friendsgiving potluck, or attending a Turkey Day potluck at a pal’s, we recommend you dress to impress.

Below, three ideas on what to wear to Friendsgiving this year:

Friendsgiving Outfit Idea #1: Go All Out

what to wear to friendsgiving
via Men’s Style Pro

SG Says: By now, you guys know we love a turtleneck for fall. Paired with a blazer and jeans, like men’s style blogger Sabir Peele from Men’s Style Pro, you’ll feel comfortable and classy at the same time.

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Friendsgiving Outfit Idea #2: Laid-back Class

michael b jordan blue sweater
via Lainey Gossip

SG Says: You don’t have to get so dressed up for friends. Above, GQ‘s Man of the Year Michael B. Jordan pairs 5-pocket pants and sneakers with a form-fitting fall sweater in an unexpectedly cheery color for a look that’s pulled together without making all that much of an effort.

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Friendsgiving Outfit Idea #3: Kick-back Casual

justin timberlake levis collection
via The Source

SG Says: Okay, okay. You really don’t have to get that all dressy for Friendsgiving, so if you want to roll casual, why not throw on a statement jacket like JT, above?

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A few more Friendsgiving style tips

  • Meeting your friend’s fam at Friendsgiving? Swap the turtleneck for a button-down in outfit #1 for a little extra oomph
  • Opt for pants with a little bit a stretch (and feel free to knock your belt a notch looser when you sit down to the table)
  • Ditch the jacket post-feast to prepare for the inevitable turkey coma couch time



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