Do One Thing for Your Style Today

Do One Thing for Your Style Today

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 16 2019 | 2 min read

Sometimes I think about going for a run. But I’m on my couch. And the TV is on. And I’m wearing sweatpants. See the problem? So many steps between me listlessly lying on the sofa, and me sprinting (okay fine, slowly jogging) down the block and towards a healthier cardiovascular system. I have to change. I have to stretch. I have to – first of all – get off the damn couch.

So what do I do? I do one thing. I swing my legs to the floor and sit up. I throw my phone to the table where I can’t reach it to break the cycle of scrolling through’s mobile site in a state of passive disinterest. I turn the TV off and toss the remote next to where the phone is now taunting me.

I…eventually…get off the couch.

Sometimes we’re the same way about our style. Guys look at their wardrobe, and they know it’s not in great shape, but they don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’re intimidated by the thought of all that effort you’d have to put in to really, truly overhaul the contents of your closet.

Maybe you don’t know which area of your wardrobe to tackle first.

Or maybe, it just feels easier just to stay doing the same thing you’re doing now. The same thing you’ve always done.

You could keep on keepin’ on with the same, less-than-stellar style moves you’ve got going on now, or…you could do one thing.

This “just get off the couch” mentality could mean different things for different guys, but there is always somewhere to start. You could:

  • Tuck your shirt in
  • Wear that blazer your girlfriend likes
  • Buy something in the color your mom always says “brings out your eyes”
  • Get properly measured for a dress shirt
  • Have a link taken out of your watch so it finally fits right
  • Buy new jeans
  • Buy new collar stays
  • Take dirty clothes to the dry cleaner
  • Take ill-fitting clothes to the tailor
  • Buy a steamer
  • Learn to iron

That’s it. A little change could set in motion more, bigger changes. Or, you could sit back on the couch and feel proud of yourself for having done just one thing for your style today.

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