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investment wardrobe, investment bag
Why It’s Worth Investing in Your Wardrobe
Treat yourself (Really)
style girlfriend girl talk
What’s Your Elevator Style Speech? Discover How to Describe Your Personal Style
Here's why it's helpful
style girlfriend word of the year
Want to Make Real Changes in 2020? Choose a Word of the Year
Skip the resolution
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style girlfriend girl talk
A Style Girlfriend Reader Shares His Personal Style Journey
Gather 'round!
style girlfriend fresh month
Welcome to Fresh Month!
Let's get spring fling fresh
penguins in love
style girlfriend girl talk
Welcome to Commitments Month!
New month, new mission
style girlfriend, megan collins, gant rugger, girls in gant rugger
“You Know Style Girlfriend?!?”
A Reminder of Our Mission
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Best Style Advice for Men: 3 Tips for Every Guy
Ready? Set? Go.
ice cream melting
We’ve Always Wondered: How do guys stay cool in the summer?
Really, please tell me
image of painting of a woman lying on her back
Letter From the Editor
How to Deal with Feeling Emasculated
Let's talk about it
What to Do When You Feel Guilty Spending Money on Yourself?
How to separate yourself from your spending
picture of pile of boxes
SG Wants to Know: What Are You Afraid to Ship?
No, we're not talking FedEx
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Do One Thing for Your Style Today
post it note on fridge
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk
What words might be holding you back?
june picks, june 2017, editor picks
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June 2017 Favorites
Still waiting on the song of the summer
style girlfriend girl talk, megan collins style girlfriend
How to Deal When Stuff isn’t Going Your Way
Why acceptance is better than anger
editor picks, may picks, best of may
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May 2017 Favorites
Purple Toothpaste and Pop Music
april 2017
style girlfriend girl talk
April 2017 Favorites
Big Little Lies, Light Layers, and Brit Pop
death to tennis
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March 2017 Picks
Netflix, new activewear, and much-needed music
february 2017
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February 2017 Picks
Big plans and praiseworthy playlists
healthy soup
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January 2017 Picks
What I've been wearing, eating, and watching this month
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A Woman’s Advice on Meeting Smart, Stylish Women
style girlfriend girl talk
October 2016 Picks
A sneak peek side Megan's month
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style girlfriend girl talk
September 2016 Picks
Sweater weather and seasonal starters
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August 2016 Picks
singing praise for these end of summer favorites