Welcome to Commitments Month!

Welcome to Commitments Month!

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 1 2019 | 3 min read

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We had considered calling March our “Madness Month” but to be frank, that seemed a little too on the nose. Especially considering the less than lukewarm reception this week’s earlier rundown of the books, movies, and more I love featuring women at the center of the stories got crickets from almost all of you (what was that about, guys!), I’m feeling mad enough offline. No need to drag it in here. For now anyway.

Plus, we can only talk about madness’s opposite—wellness—so much before you guys finally adopt the self-care habits we’ve been hyping and then no one’s left to visit SG because you’re all off lying on a therapist’s couch somewhere or relaxing in a lavender-scented bubble bath. And obviously those are both bad places to bring cell phones and laptops.

What are we going to cover, then, for Commitments Month on SG?

Well, a few things.

We’re going to examine where you’ve maybe been dragging your feet on committing when it comes to your wardrobe. Is it splurging on those capsule pieces that would make getting dressed each morning easier? Is it learning to take better care of the clothes you already own? I’m looking at you, cashmere sweaters

Or maybe it’s committing to stop buying the clothes you don’t need—no more grey sweaters since you and I both know grey washes you out. No more comfortable-but-hideously-ugly shoes.

Sometimes a commitment is a promise to stop doing something that doesn’t serve you, not promising to do it the rest of your life.

We’re also going to shine a spotlight on some high-profile style connoisseurs who’ve truly committed to a look. Not in a uniform way, but more of a “Wow that dude has really committed to a vibe” kind of way. 

We’re also going to share tips to make it easier to commit to shopping smarter. Not spend more money. Not by opting out of “fashion” altogether. I’m talking, the simple rules you wish someone would have taught you when you were younger, like how your older sibling taught you to mix drinks in a water bottle in the basement while your parents were upstairs watching TV in high school. You know, valuable lessons.

We’re also going to share some stories from our team on making commitments, breaking commitments, and how and when to live in the in-between.

And last but certainly not least, we’re going to ask you to commit to a celebrity whose style you swear by in our annual Men’s Style Madness tourney! We’re still finalizing this year’s contestants (it’s very 12 Angry Men with less smoking and fewer suspenders), so feel free to make your case below for your pick. Last year, I committed early to my guy Michael B. Jordan, and I’m anxious this year to see who the rest of the team predicts will go all the way.



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