Grooming on the Go: What to Put in a Men's Dopp Kit

Keep your mug clean on the move

Guys, let’s talk about your dopp kit. 

It’s always best to keep a travel bag well stocked and organized with the essential grooming items you’ll need for a trip. Where to keep it? In your suitcase, so you don’t have to hunt for it every time you pack.

So, what to put in a men’s dopp kit? Well, here at SG HQ, we’re proponents of splurging on duplicates of your everyday go-to’s (or their mini-me, TSA-approved twins). You’ll save time packing, since you’re not scrambling to empty the contents of your entire bathroom cabinet whenever you hit the road. And you’ll never have to “make do” with hotel soap, or use hand lotion for your hair when you realize you forgot your usual product (we’ve all been there).

A little background: The dopp kit’s name comes from a German immigrant named Charles Doppelt who was a leatherworker during World War II. He created a leather toiletry case, which was distributed to GI’s, and from then on became well-known and commonly used by men the world over.

What to put in a men’s dopp kit, below:

1. The Bag

Ted Baker, $95

SG Says: Be sure to select a sturdy, average sized bag to ensure it fits easily into all of your luggage, and fits all your things inside. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little since the idea is to have thing thing for awhile.

2. Moisturizer

Jack Black, $28

SG Says: Good for all skin types, a day cream will keep your skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Note the SPF 20 – yes, you’ll look more distinguished later with wrinkles than us lady will, but sunburn and skin damage are not sexy.

3. Shaving cream

V76 by Vaughn, $19

SG Says: Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have an excuse to get scruffy. This shaving cream is portable, brushless, and provides a close shave..and it smells great, too.

4. Your Go-To Hair Product

Suavecito, $11

SG Says: Does it feel like a totally over-the-top luxury to buy a second version of the wax, pomade, gel, whatever you use at home for your travel dopp kit? Well, it’s a whole lot cheaper than having to buy a new one every time you hit a different city and realize your go-to is sitting on your bathroom sink at home…

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5. Razor

Harry’s, $9

SG Says: This bright orange razor from Harry’s will be extra-easy to spot among all your other packed essentials.

6. Nail clippers

Green Bell, $14

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s a fact that neither business associates nor family members appreciate having their skin clawed at during a handshake or hug. The Strategist swears by this Japanese brand; just remember, airport-friendly doesn’t mean use them at the airport.

7.  Comb

Baxter of California, $18

Even if your hair is above your shoulders, don’t forget this grooming tool. You don’t want to look like you just stepped off the plane…for your whole trip.

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8. Pocket knife (ground travel only!)

Opinel, $14

Handy for opening boxes, cutting strings/tags, food and pretty much anything else you come across on your travels.

9. Shampoo/Conditioner

Kiehl’s: Shampoo, $7; Conditioner, $7

There’s already enough that feels foreign when you travel (like those hotel bedspreads…we don’t even want to know where those have been). Don’t let the way your hair smells after washing it be another.

10. Floss / 11. Toothpaste / 12. Toothbrush

Plackers, $2; Marvis, $7; Virginic, $10 

Keep it fresh with these three essentials. Because calling down to the front desk for a new toothbrush in your boxers is never a good look.

13. Pain Reliever

Advil, $4

Whether you have a headache from the great night you had last night or back pain from walking too much, feel better with with some ibuprofen. If packing a whole bottle feels excessive, just toss a few in a plastic baggie or small container.

14. Deodorant

Botanik, $13; Old Spice, $4

You’ll be thankful you have this when you have to run to catch your flight or after you’ve been in the car for eight hours. Just throwing that out there. If aluminum-free is your thing, that’s cool, too.

15. Lip Balm

Aquaphor, $7

Whatever you use on your lips (remember, there’s more out there than just Chapstick!), just make sure you have some on you when you travel, especially when you’re heading to far-flung locales. Flying dehydrates you and can give you major chapped lips.

16. Cologne 

Boss, $80 

Deodorant might not be enough to get the stale air smell of an airplane or car out of your clothes! Spritz on a scent to feel extra fresh after hours of traveling.



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