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👖 Want style advice?

Check out our service page to learn more about working with a stylist from Team SG.

Please note that support from Style Girlfriend is both valuable and time-consuming, so we can’t give free advice to non-clients via email or DM. Thanks for understanding!

📣 Have a press or media inquiry?‍

Cool! We love to chat about men’s style, dating, and other lifestyle trends.

Email us at and someone will get back to you ASAP.

🙋 Have a different question?

‍Same thing! Just email us at and we’ll follow up in the next business day or two.

Please be aware that we are not interested in marketing, sales, or other related business services at this time.

🧐 So, what’s Style Girlfriend all about, anyway?

Style Girlfriend helps guys look, feel, and act their best through free online resources and a premium, virtual styling service.

Our community understands that living with style is about more than what you wear, but it’s a good place to start.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s great when guys want to look good, and we can help you upgrade your wardrobe, one piece at a time.

That’s just the start, though.

If you want to truly become your best self, we’re ready to help you get there with the resources you’ll find on Style Girlfriend—from becoming a more interesting (and interested!) person to acting with integrity in your relationships at school, work, and in your personal lives.

Our team of all-female writers and stylists are here to give you the inside scoop on how to be the kind of modern man women want to be around.

Simply put, we’ll show you how to make every woman want you…without being a dick about it.

👋 Who’s behind all this?

megan collins 2022

Well, hi there. I’m Megan Collins, founder and editorial director here.

I originally started Style Girlfriend as a favor for a friend. He had recently launched a suit company and wanted to start a blog to drive customers to the site. I had just left a stable but boring job in advertising to pursue writing full-time and jumped at the chance to pen a weekly column.

What started as a modest undertaking soon took on a life of its own.

Turns out, a lot of guys were interested in a female perspective on men’s style.

So, what began as a men’s fashion-focused weekly online column has since ballooned into a one-stop shop for the shortcuts on how live with style in an increasingly-confusing (and role model-less) world.

Along the way, new voices have joined our team like Gabi Meyers, Taylor Davies, and our entire team of dedicated personal stylists.

💁‍♀️ So, what makes you all qualified to give advice to guys?

Well, we’ve got years of experience writing and styling menswear.

Beyond that? We know what we like to see guys wearing, and how we like for them to act around me. And we’re happy to share that information in a positive, constructive way.

A lot of ladies out there, including well-meaning girlfriends and wives, can’t always bring themselves to do the same. And, ahem, guys aren’t always inclined to listen. That’s where Style Girlfriend comes in.

Think of us as an unbiased female POV on what women really want from the men in their lives. 

😡 I’m a dude. I’m not into fashion, I just want to look good.

Not technically a question, but we’ll go with it.

For a lot of guys (and plenty of women, too!) the idea of “fashion” can seem really overwhelming. After all, how are you even supposed to keep up on every single brand and every single trend and know what all the celebs and cool street style stars are wearing? 

On top of all that, if you don’t have the perfect body, or a huge budget, it can make the whole idea of dressing well feel practically impossible. 

So we don’t talk about fashion here. We talk about style.

Style is timeless. Developing a strong sense of your personal style helps you make a statement to the world about who you are.

The thing is, you express your style more than just through the clothes you wear. Style is also about the way you live your life—where you travel, what books you read, the way you treat people.

To live a stylish life is to live with intention. That might be wearing the perfect v-neck white t-shirt that sits just so on your shoulders, or choosing to cook a real dinner on the stove instead of ordering Seamless on your way home from school or work.

🤳 Is all the content on the site your own?

Yes, unless otherwise marked (like photos we source from other sites), all content is created by our team.

🫰 How do I know if something is sponsored?

Style Girlfriend is committed to full transparency when it comes to sponsorships and advertising, and all branded content is noted as such.

We appreciate that followers understand we have to keep a roof over our heads, AND that if we wouldn’t recommend a brand to our brother, father, husband or boyfriend, we won’t work with that brand on Style Girlfriend.

So, if you see a sponsored campaign, you know we really mean it!

How can my company work with Style Girlfriend?

Plenty of ways! We make a point to be as picky about our brand partnerships as we are about our romantic partners, so all campaigns are carefully vetted by our team.

Email us at to see if there could be a fit. 

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