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Score Our New Favorite Candle

Score Our New Favorite Candle

12 Days of SG Faves: SNOWE

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Dec 11 2017 | 3 min read

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“Wouldn’t it be cool,” we asked ourselves one day, “to just give away a bunch of stuff we liked this year, like our favorite candle scents for men?” Yes, we decided. It would be cool. So here we are! Counting down the 12 Days of SG Faves with giveaways that’ll make your heads fly off. Just our way of saying ‘Happy Holidays’ from Team SG.


favorite candle scents for men, 12 days of sg faves, giveaway

Snowe’s Tastemaker candle, meant to be burned in the kitchen. Meyer lemon mixes with refreshing shiso leaf and wild mint for a fresh, clean smell (no matter what you’ve been cooking). To perfect this and all their custom-blended scents, Snowe tracked down the only artisanal partner that handcrafts their candles entirely in New York City.

Each hand-poured candle is made entirely of natural ingredients for a cleaner, longer burn. How long? A whopping 75 hours, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to perfect that spatchcock turkey recipe you’ve been working on.


I am a full-blown adult, and I still—to this day—get extremely impressed when I go over to someone’s home and they have a candle lit.

In the bathroom, on a coffee table, it doesn’t matter. And that goes double for a guy. A guy who thinks to light a candle before a girl comes over? HOO BOY. I would swear to you they are a prince-who’s-not-telling-people-he’s-a-prince in a Hallmark TV movie. Like, that grew up classy with a capital C. He probably can name all the world capitals. And isn’t afraid to cry when he listens to The National. Maybe he just likes to have a candle lit all the time, and I’m simply drafting off his #lifestylemoves.

Here’s the catch, though. There are certain candle brands that we ought to…outgrow by the time we reach adulthood. You know the ones. They smell like cinnamon rolls, or gingerbread men, or apple pie. Items you’re supposed to bake – not burn.

That’s why I’m super into Snowe, a new home and lifestyle company. They have lots of fun and cool stuff like bath towels and kitchen utensils, but I’m most jazzed about their candles. In scents like Staycation, Pillow Talk, and Speak Easy, you can burn them year-round. Low-key Pinterest-y tip: when you run out of wax, throw the containers in the dishwasher and use them to store little things in your bathroom.


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Competition’s getting tight, though! Only six winners today!

It’s all good, though. You can tag friends for more chances to win.

But you only have 24 hours to enter, so get to it! We’ll DM winners (US residents only!) once the window for entry has closed, so be on the lookout.

Good luck, and happy holidays from team SG!

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