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The Under $250 Gift Guide For Him

The Under $250 Gift Guide For Him
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gift ideas under 250 for him

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: May 3 2022 | 6 min read

During uncertain times, it’s good to go back to the basics. That’s why this year, we went heavy on feel-good fashion in our annual gift guides, like this list of the best gifts under $250 for him (aka, you!). 

gift ideas under 250 for him

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There’ll be plenty of time for Dopp kits perfect for traveling, and tuxedos worthy of a big night out. This holiday season, you’ll find stylish picks here on Style Girlfriend that will have you (and your loved ones) looking and feeling like a million bucks. 

Think: cozy WFH-wear and luxed-up basics.

Whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your holiday wish list and your shopping list.

Below, 9 of the best gifts under $250 for him this holiday season:

top row: left to right

1. L.L. Bean duck boots, $129 — If he doesn’t yet have a pair of these iconic boots from the Maine retailer, this is your year to be the (winter weather) hero he needs right now.

2. Alpha Industries jacket, $180 — When we think of Alpha Industries, we usually think of their iconic bomber, but we’ve gotta be honest…this barn jacket from the brand truly slaps.

3. Miansai necklace, $145 — If he’s been looking to get out of his fashion comfort zone, a subtle accessory like this silver chain, could be the perfect place to start.

middle row: left to right

4. Ralph Lauren cardigan, $248 — This cozy AF cardigan is the kind of thing a man might never buy himself…but will wear the hell out of if it’s in his closet.

5. Veja V-10 sneakers, $150 — Sure you could go with an all-white pair, but the green accents make giving shoes for the holidays feel extra-festive.

6. Portuguese Flannel shirt, $108 — Did we mention we love sticking to festive colors when gift-giving?

bottom row: left to right

7. Abercrombie & Fitch bomber jacket, $180If you haven’t stepped foot in an Abercrombie store in awhile, now’s the time. Affordable, stylish clothes perfect for millennials (yes, really!) like this cool black bomber.

8. Birkenstock shearling clogs, $165Team SG has already made its pro-clog stance clear.

We will not be taking further questions at this time.

9. Nike Tech Fleece joggers, $110 — These structured sweats stay at the top of our list year after year. They come in a ton of colors, and look and feel way more structured than they deserve to.

And a few more men’s gifts under $250 for him from last year that are surprisingly still available this holiday season!

everlane men's cashmere sweater

Everlane cashmere crewneck sweater, $140

Why it’s a great gift: Because cashmere is ALWAYS always always a great gift!

In this specific instance, our team often serves up Everlane as a recco for a reliable source of straightforward basics, made just a little more thoughtfully than what you might find at a department or big box store.

men's blundstone boots

Blundstone boots, $200

Why it’s a great gift: Blundstone is known for their quality footwear, and these bad boys are no exception.

As a gift recipient, if he’s not into fashion, he’ll appreciate the durable functionality of these pull-on boots. And if he is into fashion, he’ll appreciate the newly-trendy nature of the brand.

Buck Mason turtleneck sweater

Buck Mason cotton cashmere turtleneck, $155

Why it’s a great gift: Buck Mason makes some of our favorite t-shirts and henleys; now they’ve moved into turtlenecks.

This navy cashmere style looks like something a weary-but-handsome ship captain would wear in a movie. And who doesn’t want to look like that?!

Master-Piece navy backpack

Master-Piece Leather-Trimmed Nylon-Twill Backpack, $225

Why it’s a great gift: A really good backpack makes a great gift because, as a guy, you’ll have it forever and use it all the time.

For the gift giver, they don’t have to worry about getting the size wrong.


rag & bone army green zip-up sweater cardigan

Schott NYC zip cardigan, $180

Why it’s a great gift: This Schott NYC cardigan looks like something your grandfather would have handed down to you from his time fighting in the war.

Functional, yet surprisingly fashionable.

outdoor slipper boot

Greys outdoor slipper boot, $108

Why it’s a great gift: Slipper boots out here making a solid argument for the title of “greatest thing since sliced bread.”

Olivers black Bradbury jogger, gifts under $250 for him

Olivers Bradbury jogger, $128

Why it’s a great gift: We never thought we’d recommend anything from Olivers as much as their All Over Shorts, but the brand’s Bradbury joggers make a good case for spreading the love.

Todd Snyder chore jacket, gifts under $250 for him

Madewell chore jacket, $185

Why it’s a great gift: Yeah yeah, one more luxe layer for your holiday shopping list! So sue us!


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