The Guy’s Home Guide for Your 40s
What's comes after the basics? Right this way...
40s home guide, home decor, home decor for men, men's home

By Jennifer Hunter | Last Updated: Oct 29 2016

Leveling up doesn’t begin and end with the clothes you wear. Live stylishly every day, and at every age, with Style Girlfriend’s “Home Essentials” series. Find the basics you need upgrade your digs in your twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties

40s home guide, home decor, home decor for men, men's home

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What mid-life crisis?

By your forties, you’ve hit your stride. Sure, life still gets messy (especially if there are a few kiddos in the picture), but what you lack in free time, you make up for with the fact that you finally know exactly what works and what’s just not worth it. Confidence feels pretty good, right? So what about your home? You’ve stocked up on most of your home basics by now, but have you thought about these essentials? fSome are practical, some are just good for your mental health. All are necessary.

A solo space

Between office hours and family time, a man needs a space of his own to catch a breath and decompress. If you can find yourself an entire room to spare, that’s great.  Furnish it with all your favorite things and enjoy (hint: don’t call it your “man cave.” You’ll get more respect from the fam if you call it your office).  If you can only carve out a smaller space in part of another room, do what you can to make it great – get a comfy chair, some art you love up on the wall  and make yourself a relaxing nook.  Having a little space that’s just for you means that when you do have the time to relax, this space will get you feeling good even faster. We’re all creatures of habit. Pretty soon, just sitting down, getting a drink or zoning out in your spot will tell your brain and body that it’s time to chill, and everyone needs to feel that way at least once a day.

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An exercise routine

All right, all right, you can put off certain things for a while while youth’s on your side, but it’s time to face the music: your body is going to need some upkeep moving forward. Not only to keep those love handles at bay, but more importantly, to keep your heart and muscles in tip top shape. Maybe you want to join a gym and make it a social thing. Or maybe you can set aside a space at home for some light equipment so it’s simpler to squeeze in a workout when you have a few minutes. Either way, the routine part is key here. Moving your body needs to become a habit. That’s what will keep you at it (and enjoying it) longterm. Your health is important not only for you, but for your family too. Keep everyone happier by staying healthier.

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A stocked fridge

You’re probably sharing your home with some other humans by this point so having food in the house is a must.  You’re not going to want to wait for takeout while your hangry spouse rants or your kids whine.  A snack is the first line of defense against many, many of life’s problems.  Grown ups plan ahead and the easiest thing in the world to plan for it the fact that you’ll need to eat. A well-stocked fridge means healthy snacks as well as some yummy surprises.  It also means the makings of a least a few meals.  Have this stuff available always; you won’t be sorry.

40s home guide, home decor, home decor for men, men's home

Emergency supplies

You’re taking care of a household now so it’s important to be prepared for anything. At the very least that means first aid supplies, a flashlight, fire extinguisher, extra food and water and some emergency cash. No need to prep for the apocalypse (we’re not trying to get all doomsday here), but do consider the kinds of situations that could potentially happen around your home and city, then get some basics to cover you just in case. Best case scenario: you never need it at all!

A splurge

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to buy for your home? Now is the time to do it. You can finally afford a splurge, you probably have the space to store it and you still have lots of time to enjoy it for years to come. Remember, a splurge is meant to be something that makes you really, really happy. It’s not necessarily super expensive, but this is also not the time to cheap out. We all know that getting  almost the thing you want is actually worse than nothing because all it does is remind you of the one thing you’re really coveting.  Have you always wanted an Eames Lounge chair? Don’t buy the knock-off, don’t get it used, just shell out the cash and splurge if that’s the thing that will make you giddy happy when you see it in your home. It will pay off, I promise.