Men Can Be Microfeminists, Too

Men Can Be Microfeminists, Too

Because equality is for all of us
screenshots of tiktok user sharing her favorite forms of microfeminism

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 23 2024 | 3 min read

Have you heard of microfeminism? Zero judgment if the answer is no. The concept recently popped up on social media, but I know that the algorithm siloes your content so far from mine we might as well not be the same species holding the same devices.

Basically, to engage in microfeminism means to take actions that, in a small way, attempt to make the world a more equitable place for men and women. Think of these acts like rumble strips on the patriarchy highway — a minor disruption, but experience enough of them and they might just make you change your course.

The concept first went viral when user @iamashleycheney made a video about the concept, after which thousands of other users stitching her original video to share their own.

Here’s her original video on microfeminism:

@iamashleychaney Girl’s girl, corporate edition. #microfeminism #feminist #feminism #corporatelife #girlsgirl ♬ original sound – Ashley Chaney

So, pretty straightforward. The idea is that fighting for a more equitable world doesn’t come just from large-scale activism. What’s the saying, How you do anything is how you do everything? So if you’re always saying, “Oh, you saw the doctor? What did he say?” without knowing the gender of the doctor, that’s a place to start. Quiet, intentional gestures that add up when undertaken day after day. That’s microfeminism.

Some examples of acts of microfeminism undertaken by other users on the platform:

@ellalowgren #stitch with @Ashley Chaney these are my day to day #microfeminism moments. what are yours? #feminism ♬ original sound – Ashley Chaney

Mrs and Mr!

@lipsticksndlattes #stitch with @Ashley Chaney that was my signature seal on docs #attorney #lawtok #microfeminism ♬ original sound – Grace 🦋 🤍

“Ooh, rice beer!”

@meghatiktoks #stitch with @Ashley Chaney #microfeminism #feminism #fyp #bartender #bartenderlife ♬ original sound – Megha

Intentionally choosing active language over passive language:

@fakewriterbitch #stitch with @Ashley Chaney ♬ original sound – Claire

Playing sidewalk chicken

@strategicclassroom Replying to @Suzanne yesss this is my favorite act of microfeminism. Shoutout Kali at @joinblush for this solid piece of advice in my 20s. #feminism #microfeminism ♬ original sound – Jen | Teacher Time Hacks

Notice any trends?

Yep, no men in any of these videos.

I have yet to organically see a man stitch the original user to say, “Here’s what I do on the daily to ensure women feel seen and heard in our shared spaces!” And my question is, why not?!

Guys, why so afraid of jumping in here?

Remember in New York a couple weeks ago when there was some guy running around punching women, and then women started posting that this guy punched them, too, and people started to be like, Hmm, are you just saying you got punched for clout? Because that would be pretty messed up. And then other people were like, How can you say that? Who would lie about someone punching them??

This is kind of like that. In that, if you share the small ways you try to make women feel more valued in your everyday life, some people may be like, Wow, virtue signaling much? But also, fuck those people?

Anyway, go forth and be microfeminists. Whether you tell anyone about it or not.

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