Shopping Roundup: 17 Stylish Office Supplies

Shopping Roundup: 17 Stylish Office Supplies

You don't have to be in school to get psyched about new pens
most modest cody desktop organizer

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 7 2018 | 4 min read

By now, kids are fresh out of new school outfits. But you! You’re an adult. You can buy yourself new stuff even if your mom won’t take you to the mall.

Don’t think that “new year, new me” feeling has to end at clothes, though. Remember the excitement that arose upon opening a fresh pack of pens that first week of school? Or cracking open a new file folder (just me?)? This fall, why not treat yourself to some new work goodies that will help you feel psyched to see your desk each morning?

Below, 17 of the most stylish office supplies around:

1. Poppin Desk Organizer Stack, $34

poppin desk set

SG Says: A steel grey stapler et al. will have you feeling like Bond, Judge Bond.

2. Sakura Pigma pens, $12

sakura pigma pens

SG Says: Whatever your favorite brand of pens, don’t be afraid to treat yo’self. In the grand scheme of things, even the nicest pen isn’t that expensive, and feels so much better to write with than whatever you absentmindedly picked up at the bank last week when making a deposit.

Unless you like those ones that write upside down in space. A desk full of those things would probably break the bank…

3. Native Union smart hub, $55

native union smart hub

SG Says: A workspace full of cords is not the look.

4. Snowe diffuser, $40

snowe diffuser

SG Says: Some people/HR departments/city ordinances are weird about candles at work. That’s fine. Use a diffuser if you have an office (or cubicle) that you leave your bag of dirty gym clothes in all day..and sometimes overnight. Note that some folks have a thing about scents, though, so if you share a workspace, be sure to ask if it’s okay before you set up shop.

5. Lotuff Leather briefcase, $1065

lotuff leather black briefcase

SG Says: Pricy? You bet. But you can’t outgrow it, you probably won’t lose it, and you can’t sit on it and break it.

6. Bkr glass water bottle, $38

bkr black water bottle

SG Says: Yeah yeah, Jonah Hill loves his gallon jug on the go, but if you’re looking to stay hydrated at a more reasonable size, this Bkr bottle is a good, non-celeb bet.

7. MUJI Pen Set, $20


8. Threshold Drawer Organizer, $25


SG Says: These might be available only in gold now? Still good!

9. Everlane snap backpack, $68

everlane snap backpack

SG Says: I’ve come a long way on our backpack stance (especially since moving into a sixth floor walkup), so if you must two-strap it, go with a stylish version like this canvas number from Everlane.

10. Cost Plus World Market folders, $15

world market map folders

SG Says: Dream about where you were instead of your Monday morning stand-up.

11. Target desk lamp, $25

target desk lamp

SG Says: You probably got some sort of lighting fixture when you showed up on your first day. Stash it in your filing cabinet and go with something that has a little more personality. And you don’t have to break the bank. This one’s from Target and categorized in the kids’ section, but there’s nothing immature about it.

12. Smythson notebook, $75

black smythson notebook

SG Says: One time a girl got an old boyfriend of mine a Smythson notebook as a thank you for something, and I was convinced she was trying to sleep with him. That’s how nice it is.

13. The Sill snake plant, $47

the sill snake plant

SG Says: Sure, you could toss a few succulents around your desk and call it a day, but if you have even a little bit of natural light in your office, why not go with something with a little higher degree of difficulty? Think a snake plant that needs watering once every 2-6 weeks. You can handle that.

14. Lord Jones CBD dark chocolate espresso chews, $30

lord jones cbd chocolate espresso chews

SG Says: For when work is stressful. Or you’re nervous before a big presentation. Or it’s a Tuesday.

15. Terrapin Stationers note cards, $18 for 6

terrapin stationers note cards

SG Says: Old-fashioned hand-written cards will never go out of style. Especially badass ones that have hand grenades in gold on them.

16. mug, $14

bando mug

SG Says: Let your mug do the talking when co-workers come around to chat.

17. Most Modest desktop organizer, $39

most modest cody desktop organizer

SG Says: A place for everything and everything in one place. In orange!



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