Undressed Podcast Episode 011: Adam Rank of NFL Fantasy Live
This football analyst on stand-up comedy and stand-out style
undressed, adam rank, nfl fantasy live, madden live

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 19 2017

undressed, adam rank, nfl fantasy live, madden live

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Adam Rank talks about football for a living, but you’ll never catch him in an oversized tie knot and baggy, four-button suit. The co-host of NFL Fantasy Live and Madden NFL Live defies football analyst stereotypes by stepping out in style every time he’s in front of the camera.

Rank and I got to be buddies a few years back, when we hit the red carpet for the 2014 NFL Draft, quizzing soon-to-be-kajillionaires on who picked out their outfits (most heard answer: “My mom”).

And while I’ll see him again next month in San Francisco at Super Bowl 50, I wanted to get him on the record before the playoffs to hear his predictions, sort out our Super Bowl wardrobes (the man’s a Bar III fan and has been ALL up in No Jeans January’s business, and of course – throw a few friendly jabs at our mutual pal Dave Dameshek.


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