VIDEO: How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves in 3 Easy Steps

VIDEO: How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves in 3 Easy Steps

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roll your sleeves tutorial

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 15 2021 | 6 min read

Want to learn how to roll your shirt sleeves? It’s as easy as ready…set…ROLL.

roll your sleeves tutorial

When it comes to clothes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Once you’ve nailed your personal style and figured out what a good fit looks like, that’s when the real fun begins. Seemingly small things like where your pants break truly levels up your whole outfit, or how your pocket square looks with your tie.

Maybe it’s the time I spent in college as a “visual merchandiser” (aka, mannequin dresser) for Abercrombie & Fitch. HQ would send books – literally, huge binders – every time the displays on the tables at the front of the store had to be changed.

Every detail was called out and explained how to do just so. Every cuffed pant, every rakishly thrown open collar, every layered bracelet. No look happened by accident.

Maybe that’s why my eye flits to the excessive billowing of a dress shirt, or the topcoat with its vents still stitched closed. Not to say us ladies don’t make style mistakes (we do, constantly!), but I’ve come to believe that women are generally more aware these little styling tips and tricks from…well, from where? Working at the mall growing up? Maybe magazines? Probably most of all from trading tips with our friends.

“Hey, how do you make your hair do that swooping thing in front?” we might ask at brunch. “How did you cuff your pants to get them to stay that way?”

I can’t really see guys having these same conversations with their friends.

But here at SG HQ, we know that you do want to go the extra mile in dressing well because you know how confident you feel when you look and feel like a million bucks.

So, we’re here to help with those little things that take your outfit to the next level. Like what? How about a step-by-step primer on how to roll your shirt sleeves in a way that says, Just got finished shooting the J.Crew catalogue cover?

The thing about rolling your shirt sleeves is that it seems so simple, right? And it is. Literally anyone can simply roll roll roll your shirt sleeves up to, or even past, your elbows. But that doesn’t mean it looks good. In fact, a basic roll of your sleeves might be functional, but it’s definitely not fashionable.

In fact, rolling your shirt sleeves stylishly is an art. And today, we’re teaching you how to master it. After reading the tutorial and watching the video below, you’re going to be the Bob Ross of rolled shirt sleeves. But instead of happy trees, you’ll be rocking happy sleeves.

Spoiler? It’s all in the zhushing. Thankfully, this kind of elevated look doesn’t take much extra effort, and anyone – yes, anyone – can do it.

Below, how to to roll your shirt sleeves in a stylish way:

how to roll your shirt sleeves guide

1. Unbutton your cuffs.

If your shirt fits looser on your arm, keep the gauntlet button (the next button up on your sleeve towards your elbow) buttoned to ensure the upcoming folds stay tight against your arm.

If the shirt hugs your arm more closely, leave it unbuttoned to allow the fold to go over your elbow without cutting off circulation.

2. Fold the shirt sleeve back

Right to the uppermost part of your arm where you eventually want the top of the fold to sit, usually a little above the elbow.

how to roll your shirt sleeves tutorial

3. Fold this initial fold nearly in half

Bringing the secondary fold on top of the first. Be sure to leave the cuff on the original foldover peeking out. Tug at the ends a bit and rumple the material so it looks like you did it quickly. Even if you actually spent five minutes zhushing it to get it just so.

…and 4. Open cold beer

Sip, then bask in your nonchalant, elegant look. Prepare to welcome admiring glances from women, small children, and the elderly in surrounding vicinity.

how to roll your sleeves guide
rolled shirt sleeve cuffed

Want a more dynamic visual?

Check out this video on how to roll your shirt sleeves that makes the process crystal clear:

For those of you who are visual learners, hopefully this helps! We figured, if it’s useful to see it in pictures, it would be even more helpful to watch it all unfold…or actually, watch it fold  [insert groan here].


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