This Is The World’s Most Perfect Casual Outfit for Guys

This Is The World’s Most Perfect Casual Outfit for Guys

A 1-2 Style Punch
shorts with long sleeve shirt

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 30 2023 | 5 min read

I saw this tweet from a friend and had to agree that, yes, this combo does make for the most perfect, easy casual outfit for men in the fall:

most perfect outfit tweet

And in the in-between season that is “Sometimes it’s 80 degrees, but tomorrow it could be snowing,” there’s no better time to keep the party going on the bottom with shorts.

The ingredients for the perfect easy casual outfit for guys

  1. Long-sleeve shirt
  2. Shorts
  3. Literally whatever shoes you want, you’re already killing it.

When it comes to long-sleeves, the world is your oyster! So get creative. Add a long-sleeve pocket tee for a laid-back look. Or dress things up with a button down to look and feel a little extra put-together. Toss on a sweater if you think you might get chilly.

On the bottom, it depends where you’re headed for shorts and shoes. You could go with a pair of throwback gym shorts and cool sneakers if you’re going for a casual vibe (just make sure your sneakers say “I wore this on purpose, not because I just left the gym”). Or, opt for a pair of corduroy shorts and loafers if you want to take things up a level.

Check out six ways to wear the best easy casual outfit for men:

outfit #1

Sweater and Slip-ons

SG Says: Don’t be afraid to pull out your turtleneck with shorts this fall!

It’s the perfect mix of dressed up on top and getting your yaya’s out on the bottom.

With luxe leather slip-ons, this high-low mix just works.

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outfit #2

Athleisure and Suede

SG Says: We love a monochromatic look here at SG HQ. This outfit takes tones of yellow and orange for a fit that feels like fall with a capital “F.”

Add a trucker jacket over the long sleeve shirt if it gets chilly.

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outfit #3


SG Says: Our team is all about a fleece jacket as a top layer right now. It should keep you warm enough over a t-shirt, and you can layer it under a thicker coat when the temperature starts dropping.

With fun, printed shorts and a sporty sneaker, you can take on the day knowing you’ll look good whether you’re WFH or running errands.

…BTW, the shorts above are Banks Journal, a favorite of Chris Pine, and here at SG HQ, we’re nothing if not a Chris Pine style fan account.

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outfit #4

City Slicker

SG Says: So, it should go without saying, but a denim shirt would look good with all of these outfits.

Pairing it up here with easy-breezy drawstring shorts and laissez-faire leather loafers gives off cool, casual fall style.

outfit #5

Dressy Casual

easy casual outfit for men

SG Says: Easy. Breezy. Done.

Sure, you could go with sneakers here, but the chunky loafers give you an extra trendy edge. This is truly an easy casual outfit for men that any guy can wear and feel confident in.

outfit #6

hoodie and shorts outfit

hoodie and shorts outfit men

SG Says: Swim trunks, when leaves are falling off the trees, you might ask? Yes!

Those are Patagonia Baggies, a truly iconic pair of shorts that you should feel free to wear…well, nearly all year round.

A structured hoodie sweatshirt and sneakers with a throwback vibe makes for an easy way to round out this outfit. That said, you could also go with a lightweight button-up shirt and socks with sandals for footwear if that’s your thing.

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