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This Is The Perfect Fall Outfit for Guys
A 1-2 Style Punch
best fall outfit for guys

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 18 2020

I saw this tweet from a friend and had to agree that, yes, this combo does make for the best fall outfit for men.

And during quarantine, there’s no better time to keep the party going on the bottom with shorts. Just add a long-sleeve shirt that makes you look and feel put-together. But don’t stop at t-shirt material. You could be comfy, cozy, and cool in a sweater, an oxford button-down, or even a turtleneck.

That’s right, it’s turtleneck season, babyyyyy!

Check out six ways to wear the best fall outfit for men:

outfit #1 Turtleneck + athleisure shorts + slip-on sneakers

best fall outfit for men

turtleneck: Todd Snyder | shorts: Olivers | sneakers: Vans

SG Says: Don’t be afraid to pull out your turtleneck with shorts this fall! It’s the perfect mix of dressed up on top and getting your yaya’s out on the bottom.

With slip-on sneakers, this high-low mix just works.

outfit #2 Hoodie with a message and pull-on shorts

easy fall outfits for men

shorts: Todd Snyder | sweatshirt: Voting is Sexy | sneakers: Banana Republic

SG Says: Yep, more voting merch. This baby blue hoodie would look great with drawstring shorts and a classic white sneaker.

You could even throw a collared shirt under it to feel a little more formal.

outfit #3 Rich colors and a wool sneaker

best fall outfit for men

sweater: Banana Republic | shorts: J.Crew | sneakers: Kenneth Cole

SG Says: Our team is obsessed with this rich marigold-colored sweater from Banana Republic. The price is right (under $100!) and the merino wool will keep you warm all winter long.

With chino shorts and a wool runner, you can take on the day knowing you’ll look fashionably respectable on Zoom and IRL.

outfit #4 Fall layers with workout shorts

easy stylish fall outfit for men

denim jacket: Madewell | sweater: Naadam | shorts: Fourlaps

SG Says: It should go without saying, but a denim jacket would look good with all of these outfits. Pairing it up here with a cable-knit crewneck sweater on top feels like quintessential cool weather style.

The shorts on the bottom? That’s all 2020 living.

outfit #5 A classic OCBD with hi-vis sneakers

best men's fall outfits

shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch | shorts: Goodthreads (Amazon) | sneakers: Veja

SG Says: Easy. Breezy. Done.

outfit #6 Drawstring shorts and a fall-colored sweatshirt

shorts and long sleeve shirt outfit for guys

sneakers: Reebok | shorts: Banks Journal | sweater: Taylor Stitch

SG Says: Corduroy shorts, you might ask? Yes! Corduroy shorts! This Banks Journal pair was worn by Chris Pine all summer long, and here at SG HQ, we’re all for bringing the trend into fall.

A cozy sweater and throwback sneakers makes for an easy way to round out this outfit, but you could also go with a button-up shirt and something trendy for footwear. Like Birkenstock sandals with socks, or these clogs that I swear are cool for guys.