How to Explain NFTs to Your Wife or Girlfriend Without Being Obnoxious
Getting into NFTs, Crypto, and Web3? Read this.
how to explain nfts

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 22 2021

You can’t.

Please don’t try.

Really, I promise you. If she’s curious, she’ll ask.

I mean, she probably won’t ask you. Most likely she’ll just go online to learn more. Or she’ll listen to a podcast about it.

Actually, does The Daily have an episode on this stuff? I bet it does.

Bottom line?

If your wife or girlfriend…or really any woman in your life…wants to learn more about NFTs, crypto, Bitcoin, or web3, Michael Barbaro’s on it.

(image: Cointracker, which is a company that Serena Williams’ husband tweeted about it and here we are)