3 Drawstring Pants Outfits for Men to Wear Right Now

3 Drawstring Pants Outfits for Men to Wear Right Now

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image of a man from the waist down in navy drawstring pants and sneakers

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: May 6 2024 | 2 min read

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that’s not jeans to wear this summer, A) we get it. And B) we’ve got you.

Drawstring pants are the perfect way to transition your wardrobe to warm weather.

Outfits with these breezy, wear-everywhere bottoms say, “I may be working from home, but I’m not afraid to stand up and have my co-workers see my whole look.” And, “I know jorts are cool again, but let’s not even go there.”

Drawstring pants outfits beg to be worn on a casual date night with the missus. To a baseball game. To the park. If you’re not a shorts guy, but jeans just feel too hot in warm weather, these in-betweener pants could be your new summer style go-to.

Now, could you confine these casual pants to the house? I guess, but seems like a waste. These looks are handsome! And stylish! And deserve to be seen from head to toe.

Below, check out three drawstring pants outfit ideas for men:

with a pop of color
man in light green cardigan with pink embroidered detail on the chest with khaki-colored drawstring pants and chunky loafers. he's looking to the side and is also wearing a baseball hat
image: @out_of_indigo

SG Says: How fun is this cardigan? Don’t answer that. It’s obviously extremely fun and Team SG would like to start seeing more men in lime green immediately, pleaseandthankyou.

The bandana is also totally on trend for 2024’s western style comeback.

Want to dress things up a little more? Skip the baseball cap and swap in a collared shirt.

man in dark-colored short-sleeve shirt and drawstring pants. he's standing in front of a concrete wall
image: @kennth_sylvester

SG Says: Drawstring pants for men offer endless outfit opportunities to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.

This look could take you to the airport, or on a sexy date night. The world is your “loop, swoop and pull” oyster.

You could swap the sneakers for a sandal if you want to go even more laid-back with this look.

hanging with friends
man standing outside in sunglasses, wearing a black cardigan, white tank top and black drawstring pants. he's holding an iced coffee
image: @jackthelad

SG Says: Okay, yes the outfit is a little fashion-y, but hear us out! You could get the same effect with a built-in drawstring, rather than DIY’ing it. And while we’re very pro-wife pleaser here at SG HQ, you could swap the tank and cardigan combo for a crewneck.

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