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The 2020 Holiday ‘Gifts to Buy Yourself’ Guide
Go on, treat yourself

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 7 2021

gifts to buy yourself

During uncertain times, it’s good to go back to the basics. That’s why this year, we went heavy on feel-good fashion in our annual gift guides, like this list of the best gifts to buy yourself this year.

There’s plenty of presents you’ll feel comfortable putting on your wish list this year, from stay-at-home sweats to skincare upgrades.

But, while you’re busy shopping for others, why not treat yourself to the gifts you might not feel comfortable asking for?

Whether that’s because they exceed your agreed-upon gift exchange max, or you simply want to try a new trend without your friends and family thinking you’re committing to a whole new vibe in 2021.

So, whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your sorta secret holiday wish list.

Guys’ gifts to buy yourself this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Todd Snyder blue corduroy chore jacket

Todd Snyder chore coat, $348

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: A luscious blue corduroy chore coat is not a practical gift. At least, not in the way house slippers are, or a warm winter parka.

But it looks great, and you’ll feel like a million bucks wearing it. Plus, it fits like a dream and layers well with whatever you decide to pair it with.


Polo Ralph Lauren camo cargo pants

Polo Ralph Lauren camo cargo pants, $125

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: Because you’d rather not answer questions like “Should I get you a orange hunting vest next?” or “What are you going to carry in those pockets, chewing tobacco?” by putting these (totally badass!) camo cargo pants on your wish list this year.


Old Navy hi-vis beanie

Old Navy neon beanie, $10

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: If you’ve conditioned your loved ones to buy you safe, “sure thing”-type presents, you might have to treat yourself to what feels like going out on a fashion limb.

This hi-vis neon beanie obviously won’t break the bank, but it’s also not the kind of gift your wife will throw in as a stocking stuffer if you’ve always been more of a neutrals guy.


J.Crew topcoat

J.Crew topcoat, $298

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: BECAUSE IT’S A BEAUTIFUL G-D TOPCOAT, THAT’S WHY.


Style Girlfriend virtual shopping service, from $159

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: Because, at the end of the day, making the decision to upgrade your style has to be a personal decision.

If you’ve been considering letting a member of Team SG shop for you, what better time than when sales are everywhere and winter weather’s on its way?


Linoto linen boxers

Linoto linen boxers, $35

black-owned biz!

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: How luxe does sleeping in a pair of linen boxers sound?! I might buy a pair for myself, to be honest.


Google Pixel buds gen 2, gifts to buy yourself

Google Pixel buds, $179

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: If you’re still hanging on to wired headphones, it’s time to upgrade.


Nerd Fitness coaching, gifts to buy yourself

Nerd Fitness coaching, $197/month

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: Remember what I said about upgrading your personal style being a choice you make for yourself?

Well, the same goes for upgrading your physical fitness. Nerd Coaching’s app-based, online coaching is a great way to kick start your workout regime without needing to set foot in a gym. Trainers will make you a personalized plan, and help you stick to it. What’s better than that?


Theragun Elite, gifts to buy yourself

Theragun Elite, $399

Why it’s a great gift to buy yourself: If you opt to treat yourself to the gift of fitness above, you’re going to need something to treat your sore muscles.

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