Are You Meeting Your Style Goals?

Are You Meeting Your Style Goals?

A Mid-Year Resolution Check-In
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 7 2018 | 2 min read

If the news has taught me anything it’s that, “HOLY SH*T WE’RE ALREADY MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH THE HELLSCAPE THAT IS 2017.” Also, depending on when you read this, the eclipse may have turned out to be punishment for our collective sins an the earth is no more. Time will tell! 

Naturally, all this earth-turning talk has me doing an internal check-in – thinking about my year’s resolutions, and specifically, if I’m meeting the style goals I set for myself at the beginning of this freaky-deaky year.

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In past years, I’ve made – and suggested – pretty lofty goals for myself, and for you guys: Clean your closet. Find your favorite colors to wear. Learn to simplify. The list goes on.

This year? I downsized. I streamlined. I was practical.*


So, how am I doing on my style resolutions?


Working as a copywriter for a beauty brand a few years back afforded me more makeup and brushes than I knew what to do with. Literally, I did not know what to do with them. So in January, I looked up some tutorials on YouTube, checked out a few step-by-step images on Pinterest, and voila, I can do a decent daytime smoky eye.

Sounds silly? Maybe it is to you. But think back on the last thing that you didn’t know how to do, then you learned – maybe it was taking a class at your local community college on Microsoft Excel (seriously, could there be more formulas to learn?), asking the gym’s trainer for the proper technique on a kettle bell swing, or watching a YouTube video to figure out how to fix your perpetually dripping sink. Maybe it was discovering Style Girlfriend while trying to figure out what to wear with that floral pocket square you purchased on a whim.

Whatever it is, breaking through the emotional barrier of being someone who doesn’t know how to do something to being someone who does is super crazy empowering.

As for the other goal? I did buy one really nice ring a few months back, which I got on sale and quite like. I can’t figure out, though, if I should buy a few more cheapos at Forever 21 or wherever, or if I should hold out (and budget for) a few more big wigs for my digits. I feel confident, though, that by 2018, you’ll be confusing me with Mr. T …okay, maybe not, but I’ll have at least a few more fingers covered – you can bet on that.



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