A Week of Breezily Stylish Men’s Linen Shirt Outfits

A Week of Breezily Stylish Men’s Linen Shirt Outfits

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By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Apr 21 2024 | 4 min read

Right now is the perfect time to add a few lightweight pieces to your wardrobe. Like? Linen.

The natural fiber just exudes effortless, stylish ease. You can literally wear linen-anything and feel cool, calm, and collected in 100ºF weather.

A good place to start is a long-sleeve linen shirt, which is what I’ll be covering in this #SGapproved guide.

What is linen, anyway?

Made from the fibers of a flax plant, linen is a type of textile, like cotton or wool.

It’s very absorbent, drying faster than cotton, which is what makes it such a popular warm weather wardrobe swap.

What to look for in a linen shirt

the band nsync wearing linen shirts on a beach
N*Sync, image via Pinterest

If you’re worried about looking like a ’90s boy bander crooning about lost love when wearing linen, this is for you.

As GQ pointed out, “A linen shirt might be a breezier look than your standard broadcloth shirt, but that doesn’t mean it should be flapping in the wind as you walk down the street.”

Instead, go for a more modern-looking linen shirt in a slim (but not tight) fit.

And if you’re not the ironing type? You can keep the wrinkles to a minimum but still hit a high Easy-Breezy Quotient™ in a linen-cotton blend.

Keep scrolling for ideas on how to wear a linen shirt five ways this spring and summer:

with a suit
men's linen shirt outfit with suit and suede slip-on shoes

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: Wear an elegant, double-breasted suit and sophisticated accessories for a beach wedding this summer.

to the pool
men's casual linen shirt outfit with green shorts and birkenstock sandals

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: The versatility of linen at work. I love how this shirt seamlessly transitions from dressy to casual. As you can see, a pair of drawstring shorts works great with a button-front linen shirt. I promise you won’t look like a tourist on vacation, unless you’re trying to order a mai tai at the bar.

for cocktails
dressy casual men's outfit with linen shirt and tab pants with white sneakers

Shop the outfit:

SG Says:  I love the high-low mix of a rumply linen shirt with really structured, tailored trousers.

The sneakers keep things modern, and the chain is a “if you want to” accessory.

on the weekend
men's linen shirt outfit with chambray 5-pocket pants and a blue sweater

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SG Says: Throw the sweater over your shoulders, or layer it if the weather calls for it.

beach day
men's linen shirt outfit with patagonia baggies shorts and nike calm mules

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: Take your linen shirt to the beach for a stylish Summer Friday.

Shop the best linen shirts for men

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