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5 Days, 5 Ways: How to Wear a Linen Shirt

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Our Spring Style Guide is presented in partnership with Uniqlo USA, dedicated to creating clothing that never stops evolving because your life never stops changing. Simple apparel with a not-so-simple purpose: to make your life better.

Spring is the perfect time to add a few lightweight pieces to your wardrobe.

First up? Linen.

This natural fiber exudes ease – you can literally wear linen anything and still feel stylish in 100ºF weather. If you’re not the ironing type, and want to keep the wrinkles to a minimum but still hit a high Easy-Breezy Quotient™, opt for a linen-cotton blend.

The linen shirt: Uniqlo, $30

This uber-soft Uniqlo style is made with premium linen from the Normandy region of France, in an Aero processing technique that gives the fabric a soft, airy texture. A shorter hem and slender cut makes it an ideal light layer for spring and summer.


Kando jacket: Adam Scott x Uniqlo, $60 | Kando pants: Adam Scott x Uniqlo, $40

belt: Uniqlo, $30 | tie: Uniqlo, $15 | glasses: Uniqlo, $15 

SG Says:  Linen means business when it’s paired with a smart suit and leather accessories.


shorts: Uniqlo, $30 | sweatshirt: Uniqlo, $20

SG Says:  Linen works as a great base layer on mercurial spring days that shift from sunny to breezy in what feels like a matter of minutes…


pants: Uniqlo, $30 | sweater: Uniqlo, $20  | umbrella: Uniqlo, $15

SG Says:  Linen’s breathability makes it a great base layer for April and May’s notoriously muggy showers.


chinos: Uniqlo, $40 | jacket: Uniqlo, $70

glasses: Uniqlo, $15 | cap: Uniqlo, $20

SG Says: Colorful chinos and a Harrington jacket look just as good paired with a linen shirt look at the office as they do after hours.


jeans: Uniqlo, $50 | tee: Uniqlo, $6 | bag: Uniqlo, $40  | belt: Uniqlo, $30 

SG Says: A linen shirt works wonders as a stylish layer when traveling (and facing cool AC on a hot day).

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