The Best J.Crew Gifts For Him and Her This Holiday Season

The Best J.Crew Gifts For Him and Her This Holiday Season

Can't-miss gifts from the iconic retailer

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 5 2023 | 9 min read

When I was a kid, our mall didn’t have a J.Crew. It wasn’t until after I left for college that one opened up.

My friend Jackie worked there on the weekends all through college for the discount.

I wonder sometimes if that absence is what makes me, to this day, think of J.Crew as sort of the platonic ideal for retailers I (100% affectionately) refer to as mall brands.

The brands whose stores mark your childhood by their relative accessibility, both physically and financially.

Abercrombie & Fitch is another. American Eagle Outfitters, too.

And J.Crew’s familiar “mall brand” status is exactly why I think the retailer makes for perfect gift guide inclusion.

Truly, I believe we’d all be hard pressed to name someone in our lives who wouldn’t be happy opening a gift-wrapped set of J.Crew pajamas, or a cashmere sweater, or fleece-lined boots.

It’s why we pulled together this list of J.Crew gifts for men and for women.

It was that, or overrun our other holiday gift guides with the retailer’s offerings…though you’ll find a few scattered throughout anyway.

j.crew gifts

First up? J.Crew gifts from the ladies’ side of the store…

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Shop J.Crew gifts for her:

j.crew navy puffer jacket

A puffer makes a great gift because it’s stylish and functional. And the one she wore last winter may be looking a little worse for wear these days…

A seasonal sweater is a pretty fail-safe, hard to mess up holiday present.

So long as you get her size right, and pick a color you’ve seen her in before, you should be golden.

jcrew pink and blue fair isle sweater
J.Crew striped women's pajamas

This matching pajama set makes us think of a wearable candy cane.

That’s a very good thing.

A wool topcoat would make a great gift for any woman who works in an office. Why? The bright color is scientifically proven to make any winter commute 50% more bearable.

Want to make it a themed present? Throw in an ad-free subscription for her favorite podcast while you’re at it.

jcrew yellow wool topcoat
J.Crew women's rollneck sweater

More sweaters ftw.

This festive feather purse would make a great gift with the promise of a date for her to bring it on tucked inside.

jcrew feather purse

More stylish gift ideas

jcrew silver sparkle top
Sequin camisole, $128
jcrew red and pink scarf
Brushed stripe scarf, $50
jcrew black white grey fair isle sweater
Fair Isle crewneck sweater, $158
jcrew womens suede boots
Knee-high suede boots, $328
jcrew apres ski sweatshirt
Après Ski sweatshirt, $118
jcrew black bow flats
Slingback flats, $228

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the guys!

Shop J.Crew gifts for him:

jcrew blanket stripe shirt jacket

This wool-blend shirt jacket isn’t like anything in his closet currently. In the best possible way.

Modeled off of the durable quilts used at camp by outdoorsmen in the 18th century, the toasty top layer is perfect for transitional weather.

This pair of quilted duck boots makes for a great holiday gift whether his winter includes snow, rain, or simply chillier than usual temps.

jcrew heritage quilted boots
J.Crew red workshirt

A bright-red workshirt isn’t flashy per se, but it does make a statement.

If he’s the type to never treat himself, this chamois workshirt will feel like a luxurious upgrade to his everyday wardrobe.

This houndstooth sweater feels so sophisticated and chic…and also like you could throw it on with sweats and live in all holiday break long.

What’s not to love?

jcrew mens houndstooth sweater
Barbour® Sylkoil Ashby jacket

The nice thing about doing your holiday shopping at J.Crew is they carry more brands than just their own.

Like this Barbour Ashby jacket, perfect for a big-ticket gift.

You can’t get the size wrong on a cashmere beanie, and you can be sure he’d never buy one himself.

And that he’ll wear it every day until it falls apart.

j.crew red cashmere beanie
jcrew mens fair isle sweater

A sturdy Fair Isle sweater is the kind of present he’ll open and think to himself, I would never have picked this for myself.

And in the same breath think, I can’t wait to try it on.

More stylish gift ideas

jcrew mens camp socks
Camp socks, $25
j.crew poplin holiday plaid shirt
Secret Wash poplin shirt, $90
j.crew wool polo sweater
Brushed wool polo sweater, $158
j.crew x clarks boots
Wallabee boots, $200

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