Men’s Nail Care: Grooming Tips from a Celeb Manicurist

Men’s Nail Care: Grooming Tips from a Celeb Manicurist

Keep your hands and feet in check

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 5 2023 | 3 min read

It’s a very “Women be shopping!” clichéd observation to say that guys, you’ve gotta do something about your jagged nails and rough feet.

Having to convince a man to take better care of his hands and feet feels like it should have gone out of fashion with the term “metrosexual,” but well, here we are.

Men’s nail grooming may be the least-discussed aspect of a grooming routine, but it doesn’t mean you can skip out on this important bit of maintenance.

Truth time: women talk about these things! Do you really want your girlfriend’s friends to know your the soles of your feet feel like sandpaper in bed?

And it’s not even that big an ask. If you have the time to brush your teeth every day (twice!), then you’ve got time once a week to do some light nail grooming.

We asked Bethany Newell, an A-list celebrity manicurist, for her best advice on how guys can keep their hands and feet in touchable shape.

Below, her tips for guys on men’s nail grooming:

1. Keep nails clean and clipped

Duh right? But too many guys are lax on this basic grooming upkeep.

Consider habit stacking. If there’s a once-weekly grooming routine you already engage in (beard maintenance, say), add a quick sweep of your fingernails and toenails to the habit.

2. Keep your hands and feet moisturized

If you’re already using body lotion to stay moisturized, you’re on the right track!

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But according to Newell, it’s not quite enough to keep your hands and feet in good shape.

Invest in a nice emollient hand cream for daily use. A rich moisturizer will repair the dryness that comes from multiple daily hand washings (hello, Covid!) and seal in moisture longer throughout the day.

You could use the same hand cream on your feet, of course. To save money—that fancy hand cream comes in little bottles!!—use this trick:

Once a week, apply body lotion on your feet at night. Let that get absorbed, then apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to lock in that moisture. Pull on some socks and hit the pillow. In the morning, your feet will be baby soft.

3. Stay buff(ed)

Keep a foot buffer in the shower, and use it regularly.

“I like to use the paddle on dry skin first,” says Newell. “Then I rinse with water to finish for smooth bottoms of the feet, paying attention to the area on the balls of the feet, the heel and around the toes that may have rough edges or callouses.”


3 tricks to keep your nails groomed at home:

  • Invest in two different nail clippers – one smaller, more precise nail clipper with a rounded edge for your hands, and a larger version for your toes. Use regularly.
  • Use a nail brush with hand soap daily to get the grime out from your cuticles and under your fingernails.
  • Go the extra mile and use a nail file to smooth the edges of your fingernails after clipping.


But…Don’t count out the nail salon just yet!

Even with this new and improved nail care, don’t be afraid to take a trip to the salon for regular mani-pedis.

Luckily, it’s 2021 and guys can and should feel comfortable taking care of themselves in this way.

Nail care is like a good haircut, just another core component of a grown man’s personal style routine.

Oh, and it’s relaxing af!

Everyone deserves to kick back, relax and unabashedly enjoy some self-care. Guys included.

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