Men’s Overalls: A Surprisingly Stylish Move

Men’s Overalls: A Surprisingly Stylish Move

What to wear with this timeless work staple
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By Team SG | Last Updated: Mar 21 2024 | 4 min read

Let’s face it, guys: getting dressed can get a little boring some days. Chinos, jeans, joggers — they’re reliable, sure, but where’s the fun? We’re here to propose a fashion challenger that’s equal parts equal parts utility and unexpected cool: men’s overalls outfits.

Consider the classic bib overall’s modern evolution. Because they’re not just for construction sites anymore. Think: streamlined silhouettes in comfortable fabrics, with clean lines and minimal fuss.

And just think about the benefits of bib overalls: they’re basically pants with built-in adjustable straps and a handy chest pocket made of durable fabric.

So strap in. Because you may be surprised just how quickly you’re going to want to hit “add to cart” after this.

Here’s why overalls deserve a spot in your closet:

image: @novamen

Utility Chic

Overalls are inherently practical. They come with multiple pockets, perfect for carrying everyday essentials, eliminating the need to juggle a wallet and your keys.

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Comfort is King

Most overalls are crafted from fabrics like denim or cotton twill in a relaxed fit that won’t restrict movement. Perfect for when “real” pants feel like too much effort.

Effortless Layering

The beauty of the overall is its versatility. Throw yours on over a t-shirt for a casual weekend look, or layer with your go-to hoodies and overshirts for extra warmth when the weather gets nippy.

Unexpected Style Statement

Men’s overalls outfits bring playful nonchalance to any situation. Wearing a pair signals that you’re not afraid to experiment with fashion, and that’s very fun.

How to Wear Overalls

Fit is Key: While the silhouette is meant to be relaxed, you want to avoid looking sloppy. Choose a pair that tapers slightly at the ankle and doesn’t balloon out at the waist for a more polished look (psst, keep scrolling to shop Team SG’s picks below).

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Fabric Matters: Denim is obviously a classic choice, but consider kicking things up a notch with twill or corduroy for a more textural feel. When it comes to coveralls (overalls with arms, basically), look for non-stretch cotton that better keeps its shape over the course of many wears.

Accessorize Wisely: Elevate your overalls outfit with accessories like a statement watch or a cool pair of boots. This is another way to ensure your outfit looks intentional and stylish.

Shop the best men’s overalls, coveralls, and jumpsuits

dickies hickory stripe bib overalls

Dickies hickory stripe bib overalls, $50

Makers of the OG overalls. Expect quality stitching from this timeless workwear staple.

Alex Mill Zip Jumpsuit in Herringbone

Alex Mill zip jumpsuit, $225

Want to go full mechanic cosplay? Opt for a coverall jumpsuit.

madewell Garment-Dyed Canvas Overalls in vintage canvas

Madewell garment-dyed canvas overalls, $148

We already love Madewell’s canvas workwear pants here at SG HQ, and now they come in overalls? Yes, please.

So, the next time you’re looking to shake up your style, men’s overalls outfits could be the cure to your wardrobe boredom! Equal parts form and function, overalls offer a welcome dose of utilitarian cool to your everyday look.

From the collective hive mind of the team at Style Girlfriend.