Team SG, Author at Style Girlfriend

Team SG, Author at Style Girlfriend
triptych of images of the bumble dating app pulled up on a mobile phone
Do We Even Need Dating Apps Anymore?
On the Bumble redesign and redefining our relationships with dating apps
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Jason Kelce Loves Their Sandals, But These Loafers are the Brand’s Real MVP
Get inspired by the football player's favorite footwear
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Men's Style Madness
Tom Holland is the Most Stylish Man of 2024
The Spider-Man star takes this year's top spot
best wife pleasers
Guys' Style Guides
The Wife Pleaser: Men’s Summer Style Secret Superhero
An undershirt glow-up!
three product images set against a western-themed background, from left to right: brown cowboy boots, a black, button-front denim shirt, and a black belt with silver buckle
Let's Go Shopping
7 Men’s Western Style Pieces to Embrace Your Inner Cowboy
Lasso not included
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Outfit Inspiration
Men’s Overalls: A Surprisingly Stylish Move
What to wear with this timeless work staple
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What Colors Match With Red Clothes
The guy's guide to wearing red
who is the most stylish man of 2024 - sg madness competition
Men's Style Madness
Who is the Most Stylish Man of 2024?
Check out this year's best dressed bracket
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How to Wear Lavender: A Guy’s Guide to Wearing The Light Purple Shade
We’ve fallen hard for this light purple hue
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How to Wear Salmon: The Color Guide for Guys
Tips on sporting this flattering shade
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The Best Men’s Loafer Outfits to Wear Right Now
Slip into style
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Let's Go Shopping
The Men’s Leather Jacket: A Shopping Guide for Guys
A shopping guide for guys
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How Not to Raise “Beige Flags” in Dating
How to avoid this dating trend stumble
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The Secret to Great Style? Great-Fitting Pants
Spilling style secrets...
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Ask the Stylists: Statement Jacket or Statement Pants?
Clash of the Wardrobe Titans
What Women Think When They See Guys Naked
When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!
how to dress in your 60s style tips for men
How To Dress When You’re Over 60 Years Old
You're old(er) not dead. Dress like it.
style support team
Let down by Stitch Fix? Our Stylists Are Here to Help
Ready for a better way to upgrade your wardrobe?
acute style outfits
Steal His Look
This Teacher Loves Thrifted Fashion: Steal His Holiday Style
Festive, affordable holiday style
nike dunk low outfit styled by effortless gent
Outfit Inspiration
Two Menswear Experts Style Nike Sneaker Outfits. Fashion Greatness Ensues.
2 style experts, 6 sneaker outfits
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How to Have More Rizz with Women
Charm school is in session
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3 Stylish Abercrombie Men’s Outfits for Fall
Get in millennials, we're going shopping
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Guys' Style Guides
Affordable Men’s Fall Fashion: The #SGApproved Capsule Wardrobe
Look good without breaking the bank
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3 Effortlessly Cool Todd Snyder Outfits for Fall
Timeless Style for Guys
Barbie pink outfit for men
Barbiecore for the Boys: Barbie Pink Outfits for Men
Sport this traditionally feminine color with confidence
2023 men's summer style guide
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The Very Best Summer Style Guide for Men
Sun's Out, Style's In