What to Pack for a Summer Weekend Trip

Get out of town

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jul 19 2019

If you haven’t already skipped out of the office early, you’ve still got some time to pack your bags for a weekend full of OOO fun. Aside from the obvious necessities like socks, underwear and (of course!) sunscreen, figuring out what to pack for a summer weekend trip is all about maximizing your outfit options from just a few pieces.

For Out of Office Month, check out this packing guide with casual yet stylish outfit inspiration for guys. Time to set your own “OOO.”

Below, what to pack for a summer weekend trip:

That’s not a lot of clothes, right? But I swear, they’re all super-duper versatile. Definitely enough for a summer weekend spent out of town.

In warm weather, items like a polo shirt, solid color t-shirt, and a looks-even-better-when-it’s-rumpled OCBD will be your best friends on short trips.

Outfit ideas for a summer weekend trip

Of course, knowing what to pack for a summer weekend trip is all well and good, but how do you remix those items for a weekend’s worth of wear? Don’t worry. I’ve been putting together outfit inspo for you guys on how to wear one thing in different ways for a full week for…well, pretty much forever, so I’ve got you covered on this.

Summer Weekend Outfit Idea #1

SG Says: This would be a comfortable and stylish outfit to wear on a long car or train ride (maybe heading to the shore?).

Switching out your sweats for more structured (but still comfy) chinos has a huge style ROI. It’s like a 5000% upgrade with like 2% effort required!

Summer Weekend Outfit Idea #2

SG Says: Wearing a polo shirt with your swim trunks feels like a simple and easy upgrade on a summer weekend trip.

Summer Weekend Outfit Idea #3

SG Says: I absolutely love love LOVE an outfit like this on guys. You really can’t go wrong with a white Oxford shirt and fun patterned shorts.

I promise you’ll feel comfortable and look very breezy and cool. It’s a win-win!

Summer Weekend Outfit Idea #4

SG Says: This outfit would be perfect for a travel day, or for a slightly dressier dinner. Honestly, sometimes it’s as simple as swapping out jeans for chinos, and a sneaker for a dressier shoe to elevate your whole vibe.

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