Men’s Winter Style Guide: 10 Snow Day Essentials
Guys, get ready to get cozy
Snow Day Essentials

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 21 2019

A snow day means something different when you’re an adult than when you’re a kid. For one, you don’t pad into the kitchen bleary-eyed and looking for orange juice only to be surprised by your mom telling you to check out the morning news and see your school dash across the ticker.

When you’re an adult, a snow day anticlimactically announces itself in a routine bleary-eyed email check on your phone before you pull yourself out of bed. Or, when it’s your business, peeking out the window and thinking ‘Oh hell no am I going outside in that” and sending that email yourself.

If you’ve found yourself in the snow day zone, shop our hygge-happy picks of cozy essentials below.

Below, a men’s winter style guide with 10 snow day essentials:

snow day essentials

1. Woolrich John Rich & Bros, $765

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Arctic Parka with Fur Collar

2. Abercrombie & Fitch, $146 (on sale!)

men's wool plaid coat

SG Says: Looks a lot like this one Ryan Gosling’s wearing, no?

3. Everlane, $119

everlane hoodie, mens winter style guide

4. Alternative Apparel, $88

alternative apparel sweatshirt pack

5. Sorel, $96

sorel men boots

6. Joshua Ellis, $128

joshua ellis black cashmere scarf

SG Says: It’s cashmere. Need we say more?

7. Outdoor Voices, $85

new weekender sweats outdoor voices

SG Says: Hello-o-o-o-o athleisure! This is your time. Make the most of it.

8. Quality Mending Co., $15

camp socks for guys

SG Says: No idea why, but it’s impossible to find camp socks after Christmas. We found these on Etsy (where the incentive to put your spring wares in store displays on January 2 isn’t really there), and they look cozy af.

9. Minnetonka, $31

minetonka slippers

SG Says: No men’s winter style guide for a snow day is complete without a pair of indoor-outdoor moccasins. These, from Minnetonka, will see you as you pad from the living room to the kitchen for more hot cocoa, and down the stairs to pick up the Chinese food from the delivery guy who can’t leave his bike too long.

10. Banana Republic, $28 (on sale!)

red beanie for men winter style


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