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Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas For Men

Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas For Men
No really, there’s a gift for him!
last minute gift ideas for him hugo boss sale

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019 | 7 min read

Disclosure: This feature on last minute gift ideas for men was made in partnership with rewardStyle and HUGO BOSS. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Style Girlfriend possible!

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Every holiday season I stress out about what to get my dad for Christmas. He’s a bit of a renaissance man who loves cooking, skiing, fly fishing, photography and really nice wine in equal measure. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “What’s so hard about that, Taylor?! Just get him all the ‘stuff’ that goes with those hobbies! Get out of here with your ‘problems.’”

And I hear you, but you guys—here’s the thing, he just buys himself all the fun toys he wants, leaving me to do what? Buy him a spool of fishing line? Snooze! Plus, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Do I go to a… fishing store? What even is that? Anyway! There would be absolutely no point to this story if I didn’t have a solution that always works—and will work for your most “tough to shop for” guy, too.

The answer, of course, is clothes.

Whether it’s your dad with expensive hobbies or your brother who loves Fortnite and still lives with his college buddies, every guy will appreciate something new to wear while he does what he loves to do.

Luckily, we’ve gone out and done the hard work for you. We combed the HUGO BOSS sale, with its huge selection of coats, dress shoes, sweaters and suits that are currently up to 50% off…helpful for your dwindling holiday shopping budget.

You snag the perfect gift and save some serious coin. Let’s go shopping!

8 last-minute gift ideas from the HUGO BOSS holiday sale:

last minute gift ideas for men

Your Fancy Dad Who Refuses To Retire
Hugo Boss Laser Cut Derby Shoes, $278

My dad is almost 70, and recently decided he didn’t want to be retired yet. So he went out and got himself a l’il part time gig! If your dad also refuses to retire (love that youthful exuberance!) and happens to get snazzed up for work, he’ll love these leather derbies. The detailed toe caps and burnished finish give these dressy lace-ups that “special” look he’ll be excited to pair with his best 9-to-5 suits.

Your Stylish-But-Honestly-A-Little-Lazy Younger Brother
Cotton and Cashmere Blend Lounge Bottoms, $110

Right, so I know your brother is kind of “lost” right now, but he still needs love, and he still deserves a Christmas present from his older, wiser sibling. If that’s you, I recommend that instead of brandishing a copy of “Job Searching For Dummies” as a weaponized gift, you take a softer route. Literally.

These cozy joggers are made from a cotton and cashmere blend, which means yes, they’re soft and comfy enough for laying about on your parents’ couch, but they’re also luxe enough to wear out of the house… Maybe to, you know, drop by the local bank for a job application. But don’t say that to him. Just give him the really nice lounge pants and maybe also a hug.

Your Buddy Who Lives For That Après Ski Life
Fair Isle Boucle Sweater, $223

We all have this friend. Megan and I actually went to that friend’s après ski-themed party last weekend. And if it had been a party where we brought gifts, I would have brought our pal this “I’ll be over by the fireplace in the lodge if you need me” sweater in a heartbeat. The blue-and-white color combo is nice because it feels on-theme enough for a ski weekend in Aspen, but not so costumey that you’d mistake it for a discarded wardrobe piece from Dumb & Dumber.

Your Husband Who You Want to Absolutely Spoil Rotten
Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Coat, $1045

Ladies, I need to let you in on a secret: Your husband or significant other might not think he wants a coat for Christmas, but trust me—he does. And if I were elected to be The World’s Most Benevolent Outerwear Queen, I would bestow upon every man this gorgeous double-breasted camel coat.

Half wool, half camel hair; this topper is going to feel extremely luxurious and keep its wearer extremely warm. (Synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic are not as good at trapping heat or keeping out the cold, just FYI!) If you’re looking to treat the main man in your life—the one who deserves to be swathed in elegance and sophistication all winter long—this is absolutely the way to go.

Your Cousin Who Can Make Absolutely Anything Look Like He Was Born To Wear It
Aviator Jacket, $742

If Howard Hughes and James Bond had a love child and you had to get that guy a Christmas present—I would suggest this jacket. And if you happen to see yourself that way, maybe even just a little bit, buy it for yourself, please. This leather aviator-style jacket stands out to me because of the dark, low-contrast combination of chocolate brown leather and black shearling collar. While typical off-white shearling and voluminous fur trim can often feel a little over-the-top in menswear, the (detachable) collar on this bad boy feels low-key and cool.

Your Groomsmen Who Deserve The Bougie Treatment For Your Wedding
Slim-Fit Suit in Plain Check Virgin Wool, $626

Getting hitched in 2019? Want your groomsmen to look as much like Ryan Reynolds as possible? Might I suggest outfitting them in this gorgeous virgin wool suit? Celebrity endorsement aside, I just love the subtle window pane check of this navy suit. The pattern adds enough interest to make the suit special, but isn’t so loud that your best guys will feel like the look is wearing them.

Your College Roommate Who “Winters” In St. Barths
Short Swim Shorts with Sea Life Print, $54

One of the greatest gifts of the changing menswear tides these past few years has been the rising hemline of shorts. I know that sounds pervy, but hear me out. Board shorts—with their flat waistbands, to-the-knee fit, and wide leg openings—tend to look sloppy on most guys. But a shorter short, with an elastic waist that can be adjusted and positioned wherever you feel best, is almost always going to be more flattering. It may sound counter-intuitive, but less fabric equals more look!

Give these to your buddy who’s Bahamas-bound on a PJ (that’s private jet, plebes) this winter. Because nothing says “Pass me a daiquiri Jeeves, I’m parched and happy hour started three days ago” like a pair of playful, slim-fitting lobster-covered swim trunks.

Your Uncle Who Loves His Vespa
Lace-Up Sneakers in Hybrid Fabric, $136

Did you know that the Italian version of a bon vivant is a gaudante? That’s exactly what comes to mind when I think about the guy would absolutely love these retro-inspired HUGO BOSS sneakers. They are just begging to be worn while winery-hopping on a scooter through the Tuscan countryside in the early fall… Or, you know, when you need to cruise over to the grocery store down the street to pick up a box of Bucatini and some fresh tomatoes for dinner tonight. Totally your call.


Whether anyone on your holiday shopping list is as specifically strange or wonderful as those I’ve listed above, I can’t be sure. But what I do know is that the best gifts are the ones given with thought and intention. So if you can conjure up a vision of this person living their absolute best life, and doing it in whatever lovely piece you’ve chosen for them, you’re good.

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