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The Under $100 Gift Guide for Her

The Under $100 Gift Guide for Her
Stylish and affordable present picks
under 100 gifts for her

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Nov 14 2021 | 5 min read

This year, we went heavy on feel-good fashion in our annual gift guides, like this list of the best gifts under $100 for her. 

under 100 gifts for her

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We’ll admit it:

We basically polled Team SG for the presents on their own wish lists this year!

…Which made creating this gift guide a very easy task.

Oh, and it also means you can consider every present iea on this list extremely #SGapproved.

Think: cozy loungewear, stylish self-care, and lots of layers. Yes, there are clogs, too. 

Whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your wish list and your shopping list.

Shop Under $100 gifts for Her:

Under $100 gifts for Her gift guide

top row: left to right

1. Adina’s Jewels charm necklace, $60 — You’re just going to have to trust us here.

These charm-type necklaces that—admittedly—look like they belong in a child’s dress-up chest are actually extremely trendy with grown adults right now.

Women and men, in fact! SNL‘s Pete Davidson, for instance, loves his.

2. J.Crew Fair Isle sweater vest, $70 — Could this l’il Fair Isle number from J.Crew be any cuter?

Obvs the answer is no.

We’ve been pushing this sweater vest trend resurgence for guys and it’s just as popular over on the ladies’ side of the aisle.

3. Banana Republic oversize scarf, $70 — When it comes to how many oversize scarves women need, let’s just say: the limit does not exist.

middle row: left to right

4. Parachute cotton robe, $99 — If you’ve got a robe lover in your life, the holidays is the perfect time to upgrade whatever she’s been wearing with something new and nicer.

5. Hotel Lobby candle set, $74 — Our team loves this candle brand, inspired by fragrances from fancy five-star hotels.

Cute idea, right?

6. Gap sweater lounge pants, $60 — Hint hint: Pair these cozy pants with the matching cardigan for a complete look.

bottom row: left to right

7. Slip pillowcase, $89 — Honestly, this anti-bedhead pillowcase makes a good gift for anyone with hair, not just women.

8. Kyi Kyi pom hat, $65 — Like candles, pom hats are a fail-safe gift idea for women.

They will always get put to good use, promise.

9. Lulu’s long-length shirt jacket, $100 — She can wear it as a long-sleeve layer. As a cozy piece of outerwear. Heck, she can wear it on the couch when she can’t find a blanket.

The point is, she’ll wear it.

But wait, there’s more!

Below, shop a few more women’s gifts under $100 for her.

These are picks we shared on here last year that are surprisingly still available this holiday season. And yes, they’re all still totally stylish!

Spanx faux leather leggings

Spanx faux leather leggings, $98

Why it’s a great gift: This is the one instance where she won’t be insulted that you bought her Spanx. We promise.

Leggings and loungewear are a pretty solid, can’t-miss gift this holiday season, which is why we’ve included more than a couple pairs in our guides.


Lively crochet lace bralette in white

Lively crochet lace bralette, 3 for $90

Why it’s a great gift: Don’t even think about buying her something with underwire in it this year.

Plus, a nice thing about bralettes is you choose them by S/M/L/XL, so you don’t have to actually know her bra size. Spring for the 3-pack and save $45.


Ayr the supercool tee, best gifts under $100 for her

Ayr “The Supercool” tee, $65

Why it’s a great gift: Sometimes simplicity—as in the case of this crewneck, semi-sheer jersey tee—is king when it comes to good gift-giving.


H&M knit cardigan

H&M cardigan, $35

Why it’s a great gift: This is one of those things that sounds dumb when you say it out loud (or type it), but cardigans are very “in” this season.

Were cardigans ever “out?” Well, no, not really.

But! Your significant other will be very impressed when you gift her a button-up sweater in 2020 nonetheless.

Also, when it comes to the best gifts under $100 for her a sub-$50 cardi really can’t be beat.


Madewell necklace set

Madewell necklace set, $48 (similar)

Why it’s a great gift: We don’t usually namecheck quantity as an attribute in its own right, but this Madwell necklace set basically means you’re giving her two necklaces in one present.

Which makes you look pretty good. Almost as good as she’ll look good wearing the necklaces.


Alo airbrush leggings

Alo “Airbrush” leggings, $82

Why it’s a great gift: Last pair of leggings…in this guide, anyway. Promise!

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