Ask the Stylists: Statement Jacket or Statement Pants?

Ask the Stylists: Statement Jacket or Statement Pants?

Clash of the Wardrobe Titans
men's statement pants vs men's statement jackets

By Team SG | Last Updated: Jan 9 2024 | 5 min read

When it comes to choosing an item that really makes a man’s outfit pop, the battle between Team Statement Jacket and Team Statement Pants rages on. Each item serves as a powerful tool for expressing individual style, but which one deserves the trophy?

We asked Style Girlfriend’s team of stylists for the piece they’d pick for clients. The result? An array of strongly-held hot takes.

The question: Do you prefer men in statement jackets or statement pants?

Gabi: Team Statement Jackets

I think we all know I am Team Anything That Makes a Statement, but I guess if I have to choose I’d say statement jacket.

I find they’re a little easier for most guys to incorporate into their wardrobe. You can pretty effortlessly add them to any basic outfit for a fun pop, and they’re always remarked on in person and in photos.

saturdays patterned topcoat

Saturdays NYC plaid topcoat, $495

Not your typical plaid, I love this green and yellow topcoat for a change from the standard, neutral hues of winter outerwear.

Kelci: Team Statement Pants

I love a man in a statement jacket, but a client who’s open to pants in vibrant colors, unique patterns, or unconventional silhouettes? That’s a guy who’s ready to step out of his fashion comfort zone in a big way. Which just happens to be my favorite kind of client to work with.

image: @philllllthy

Because while a statement jacket can catch your eye, statement pants say that you’re unapologetically making an effort. That you’re not afraid to take a big swing with your style. And I think that’s really exciting.

The bottom line? Statement pants offer a cool canvas for self-expression, allowing men to experiment with their style in ways that can’t be achieved with a jacket.

Wax London Kurt Trousers Multi Aztec Jacquard

Wax London Kurt trouser in Aztec jacquard, $200

Keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let these cool pants take center stage.

j.crew men's plaid pants

J.Crew plaid twill pants, $168

Wear these plaid pants with chunky loafers and your favorite vintage tee to ward off overly preppy vibes.

Taylor: Team Statement Jackets

I am pro-statement jacket. Like, a Pendleton-patterned coat with a cool pair of jeans or chinos? What’s better than that?

Statement pants can veer into silly for me, while a bold, statement-making coat feels like more of an intentional style move. It’s tough because a woman in weird pants looks interesting. A man in weird pants on the other hand. He can just look…weird.

men's statement jackets
image: @blinxy

Allie: Team Statement Both!

This feels like a trick. Why can’t it be both? I would never limit myself with a client to either statement pants or jackets, because in the pursuit of practicality and minimalism, I’d argue either could work, depending on the guy, and the wear scenario.

Do I think that means you should wear both at once? Not usually, though this style blogger makes a compelling case!

image: @andresmescua

Instead, I’d say that subtle statement pieces are always a good idea. Pants that have a unique fit, or a striking pattern could take an outfit up ten notches. Another time, a sleek jacket with subtle details could convey sophistication without the need for excessive boldness. For me, it’s all about subtlety – letting the overall look speak volumes without being overly loud.

abercrombie brown pattern cropped jacket

Abercrombie cropped jacket, $140

The pattern may be bold, but the neutral colors keep it from feeling over the top.

todd snyder brown pinstripe pants

Todd Snyder relaxed-fit chino in brown pinstripe, $248

The pattern may be bold, but the neutral colors keep it from feeling over the top.


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