Get to Know Team SG: 25 Things With Allie Farrish

Get to Know Team SG: 25 Things With Allie Farrish

Nashville based, Florida bred

By Team SG | Last Updated: Mar 20 2023 | 7 min read

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25 things to know about Allie Farrish:

1. I grew up in Plant City, Florida—not much to note unless you’re really into strawberries.

2. I have three sisters.

Let it be known that I have always been and always will be fully obsessed with them.

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3. I love a birthday, and I love to go all-out for the people in my life. That means: confetti and balloons, always.

4. To me, there’s nothing better than a good weekend getaway, especially to new places.

5. I live for a good aesthetic.

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6. My favorite thing to do in a new city is get up early and go for a run or walk around the city. My second-favorite thing is finding a new coffee spot there to call my own.

7. I love Flag Day.

Truly. I celebrate it every year!

I like to think of it as the pregame to Fourth of July.

The celebration consists of forcing all my friends to get together in red, white, and blue for beer, hot dogs while “You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag” plays on repeat. It’s fun, I swear.

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8. I actually work in what I studied in college. I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in fashion merchandising and product development.

Allie Farrish Florida

9. Champagne is always my drink of choice.

Even on a mundane Tuesday, it never fails!

It’s amazing how many happy hours I’ve been at and heard, “What are you celebrating??”

10. I met my best friend in kindergarten and by chance we ended up in the same city as grown ups. Every Sunday we meet up for Cuban sandwiches (hello, we grew up in Florida).

11. The only time I have ever fan-girled was when I unexpectedly ran into Tom Hanks and all that came out of my mouth was “Your voice is what my heart sounds like.”

I still haven’t recovered.

12. …Which probably makes it obvious why You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie of all time.

13. I moved to Nashville—having never been here—after college because “I can live anywhere for a year!”

Nine years later, I still call the city home.

14. For a year, I traveled full time for work, living in random Airbnb’s for months on end. First in Boston, then Savannah, Raleigh, and Dallas.

Being on the road for so much time taught me some of the best lessons in life.

Lessons like how to make strangers into great friends, how to make a full meal from CVS, how to live with less, how to be alone, how to love and fight for myself.

I learned to always pack shower shoes and that home is where you make it.

Allie Farrish 5

15. I’m always the first to make my friends uncomfortable with my famous question: “How’s your heart?”

…But don’t worry, I don’t open shopping client calls with this inquiry!

16. When my mom was little, her dad gave her three options: 1) play tennis, 2) raise a cow or 3) learn to fly a plane.

Random? Absolutely.

She chose to play tennis but always regretted not learning to fly a plane (she was fine skipping out on the whole cow thing). So when I was in high school, she went out and got her pilot’s license. Cool, right?!

She taught me it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

17. Unpopular opinions: I don’t like bacon or concerts.

18. When I was little, I snuck an entire box of Oreos into my room on a family vacation. It was later discovered under the bed (empty, of course) when we were checking out.

19. There are always always always fresh flowers in my homes. Highly recommend.

20. I’m constantly the person holding up the line at airport security because the body scanner flags my top knot. Which means TSA has to stop and pat down my hair to check for anything dangerous.

I’m telling you. It happens Every. Single. Time.

No idea what they think they’re going to find!

21. All my days start the same—the gym, immediately followed by an iced coffee.

Uh oh, am I cheugy?!

22. Hockey is my favorite sport and Nashville Predators games are my favorite live entertainment.

Also my favorite excuse for a beer and hot dog dinner.

23. The J.Crew catalogue and OG Liquor Store is where my love for menswear began.

24. People working in fashion always get a lot of push back about having a materialistic career, but what I have always loved about it is that it is just the opposite. I love helping others find clothes that speak to who they are and who they want to be in life.

“I love helping others find clothes that speak to who they are and who they want to be in life.”

Giving them confidence and making their lives easier has been one of the most fulfilling things of not only my career but of my life.

25. It’s often assumed that my husband is a very well dressed individual when, in fact, he is the only one who doesn’t follow my advice!

His favorite hat is one he picked up at the local 7-Eleven gas station (or so he claims…sometimes I think he’s just trying to get a rise out of me).

Regardless, it reminds me that style isn’t an exact formula and you have to be true to who you are and make it your own, feeling great in what you wear is almost better than how you look.



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