Style Roundup: 10 Sunglasses Under $100

Stylish shades, without breaking the bank

A summer checklist before leaving the house: phone, wallet, face wipes, keys…and sunglasses. Obviously.

There’s nothing worse than having to shield your eyes all day from the blinding summer sun (or squinting through the rays – bring on that eye cream amirite?!). Forgetting your sunglasses and forgetting your headphones might just be tied for the worst way to start the day.

Of course, sunglasses aren’t just for preventing early-onset wrinkles. They can make you look good – like, really, really good – too. There’s just something about a guy in a killer pair of shades that flips on our “man ogle” switch (where this photo of Zac Efron pops up immediately).

But look, we get it. While important to your overall lewk, a lot of guys simply don’t want to pay that much for their shades. “I’ll lose them.” “I’ll sit on them.” “The dog ate my homework…and my sunglasses.” There’s plenty of reasons (we won’t call them excuses, to be polite) to keep costs low when it comes to summer eyewear, and we’ve heard all of them.

Below, ten pairs of sunglasses under $100, so you can get the look you like, guilt-free:

1. Quay, $50

2. MVMT, $70

3. Goodfellow & Co., $15

4. Warby Parker, $95

5. 1901, $25

6. Knockaround, $10

7. Vince Camuto, $75

8. Sunski, $55 

9. Le Specs, $59 

10. TOMS, $78



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