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Shopping Roundup: 10 Men's Sunglasses Under $100

Stylish shades, without breaking the bank

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 26 2020

Looking for stylish men’s sunglasses under $100? SG’s got you covered…

A warm weather checklist before leaving the house: phone, wallet, face wipes, keys…and sunglasses. Obviously.

There’s nothing worse than squinting into the sun all day (bring on that eye cream amirite?!) when you’ve forgotten your shades. Aside from forgetting to charge your Airpods for your commute, it might just be the worst way to start the day.

Of course, sunglasses aren’t just good for preventing early-onset wrinkles. They can also make you look handsome. Like, really really handsome.

There’s science behind the “why” (hiding your eyes fools people into believing your face is more symmetrical than it really is, a key indicator of objective beauty blah blah blah), but here at SG HQ, we prefer to credit a dash of debonair mystery.

But look, I get it. While sunglasses bring a lot to your summertime lewk, a lot of us simply don’t want to pay that much for shades.

“I’ll lose them.” “I’ll sit on them.” “The dog ate my homework…and my sunglasses.” There’s plenty of reasons (I won’t call them excuses, to be polite) to keep costs low when it comes to summer eyewear, and they’re all valid. That’s why we rounded up our favorite affordable sunglasses that you won’t feel bad when you lose or sit on them!

Below, ten pairs of men’s sunglasses under $100:

So you can get the summer look you like, guilt-free…

1. Quay, $65

SG Says: When it comes to stylish sunglasses under $100, Quay has been a godsend.

The Australian brand makes styles that look sharp and won’t bring tears to your eyes at checkout. The toirtoise frames on this style pair nicely with smoky lenses and a sophisticated brow bar.

2. Goodfellow & Co. for Target, $20

SG Says: Target has always been good at offering clothes and accessories on the women’s side of the store that look way better than they ought to given the price point.

The big box retailer’s Goodfellow & Co. line continues that trend for men.

3. MVMT, $49 (on sale)

SG Says: You may be onboard the MVMT watch train (we are..check our shop page picks!), but did you know they made sunglasses too? It’s true! And plenty are sunglasses under $100 to boot.

4. J.Crew, $70

SG Says: If you want something a little more throwback, try this pair from J.Crew. It’s a classic style that looks like something Vince Lombardi would have kept in his breast pocket for sunny Sunday afternoons.

5. Knockaround, $15

SG Says: Everyone on Team SG is obsessed with Knockaround, a crazy-affordable sunglasses brand that’s fun and stylish in a southern California “Let’s go get an acai bowl, brah” kind of way.

6. Warby Parker, $95

SG Says: The OG affordable eyewear. This DTC (direct-to-consumer) brand just barely makes it into our list of sunglasses under $100, with the style above clocking in at a cool $95.

7. Banana Republic, $62

8. Sunski, $58

SG Says: Sunski is a still under-the-radar brand that makes sunglasses that look good and won’t break when you sit on them (probably).

9. Le Specs, $6

SG Says: Please don’t hold it against this pair of super-affordable, super-stylish Le Specs that the style name is “Hey Macarena.” It’s not the sunglasses’ fault.

10. Old Navy, $10

SG Says: Don’t sleep on Old Navy, guys.

From surprisingly stylish (not to mention durable) chinos, to accessories like the tortoiseshell-esque frames above, you can find a steal…or, y’know, 10…with every visit.

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