What to Wear at Stagecoach: Guys’ Outfit Ideas

What to Wear at Stagecoach: Guys’ Outfit Ideas

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 4 2024 | 4 min read

Guys, get men’s outfit ideas and shopping picks for this year’s Stagecoach Festival, Friday April 26, 2024 through Sunday April 28, 2024.

One summer in college, my aunt took me to “Country Thunder” for my birthday. If you don’t know, Country Thunder is basically Coachella for country music lovers…in glamorous Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, and a few more I can’t remember now. It was so, so, so much fun. Truly, anyone who says they like “everything but country” when it comes to music don’t know what they’re missing.

But now, the “Coachella for country music lovers” actually exists. The annual Stagecoach Festival takes place on the same fairgrounds as the more mainstream event in Indio, California. And in past years, it’s drawn top country artists like Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and Eric Church.

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So, what help would we be if we didn’t set you guys up with a few country-inspired outfits, after hooking you up with your indie street cred looks for Coachella?

Headed to the desert to get your “Yee-ha” on? Style Girlfriend’s got you covered.

Below, stylish men’s outfits to wear at Stagecoach:

Day 1: Activate athleisure

stagecoach festival mens outfit
image: @triplepape_

SG Says: Just because you’re headed to a country music festival doesn’t mean you have to break out a big belt buckle and boots.

You’ll feel your most comfortable in an outfit that feels like you, just a little hipper. In 2024, you can’t beat the combination of athletic shorts and a camp collar shirt.

stagecoach festival style for men
image: @jesse_wines

The hat is a must, as is a good sunscreen.

Stick a bandana in your back pocket, Bruce Springsteen-style, and use it to wipe your brow…or your beer can.

Day #2 Palm Springs style

casual music festival style for men

SG Says: If you love a bridge about a bar, or a chorus about a car, you’re welcome at Stagecoach. Don’t feel like you have to lean into ‘Merica style in your looks.

Instead, consider the venue: a stretch of desert forty minutes outside of Palm Springs. So, lean into the bougie vacation vibes with a pair of espadrilles and a breezy top you could just as easily wear to a restaurant with an outdoor patio.

stagecoach festival style
image: @_keekdasneek

Another bougie style interpretation? An update to Billy Madison’s iconic sweater vest look. The drawstring shorts and immaculate running shoes upgrade the outfit to an effortlessly cool vibe.

And since this is an all-day music festival we’re talking about, functional pockets come in handy, so make sure yours have ’em.

Day #3 Casual Country Cool

duke riley denim shorts outfit
image: @dukeriley

SG Says: Did somebody say jorts?

On the last day, go ahead and get inspired by your country music-loving brethren with an outfit that could get you mistaken for one of the band (or at least, a roadie).

Much like cargo shorts, there’s a time and a place for jean shorts, and an outdoor music festival is one of them.

jeans outfit for music festival
image: @super.simbo

Indio gets cold at night, so jeans can be both fashionable and functional.

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