5 Men’s Corduroy Pants Outfits to Wear All WInter

5 Men’s Corduroy Pants Outfits to Wear All WInter

Casual, classic, and comfortable
best men's corduroy pants

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jan 23 2024 | 4 min read

In this article: Discover stylish men’s corduroy pants outfits and shop the best corduroy pants for men.

I love love LOVE how the cold weather months are rife with rich, textured-to-the-max clothes for guys.

Flannel shirts come out from under the bed storage! Chunky knit sweaters are extracted from mothball-ridden closet corners. And at least three articles of leather go into practically every outfit. Belt, boots, jacket…the more the merrier.

For those guys looking to enhance a more basic wardrobe, or those who generally steer towards solids, texture can be an easy yet impactful source of visual interest. Like say, corduroy pants! A style staple fave for guys here at SG HQ.

What is corduroy, anyway?

Corduroy is a classic fall favorite, and with good reason – it’s slightly weightier than your standard pair of jeans, softer to the touch, and still incredibly durable.

With the monochrome trend marching on, investing in pair of netural cords would be worthwhile.

Below, five men’s corduroy pants outfits for wearing corduroy pants in cold weather

men's corduroy pants outfits
men's corduroy pants outfits

tie: The Tie Bar | boots: Frye | belt: Maximum Henry

SG Says: Roll the pants up to give your boots a bit of breathing room.

corduroy pants outfits for guys

sweater: Everlane | shirt: Flint and Tinder (similar)

SG Says: Layer the sweater on top, but pull out the shirt collar and roll up the shirt sleeves outside the sweater for a bit of contrast

men's corduroy pants outfits

sneakers: Tretorn | hat: Wood Wood

SG Says: Neons pop nicely against neutrals to brighten up a rainy day.

cords outfits for men

field jacket: Belstaff (similar) | shoes: Quoddy

SG Says: Keep everything neutral, but mix in deeper hints of plum and red for a mostly monochrome look

casual corduroy pants outfit for men

sneakers: Vans | sunglasses: Ray-Ban

SG Says: Show some 70’s spirit by pairing your cords with old school Vans, a patchy jacket (one of our favorite trends for 2020!) and aviators.

clothes hanger

Shop #SGapproved corduroy pants

bonobos off white corduroy pants

The gold standard in casually stylish cords. An affordable, durable pair of 5-pocket corduroy pants.

alex mill corduroy pants

The gold standard in casually stylish cords. Wear them with all your white pants mens outfits in cold weather months.

mr p. corduroy dress pants

Part of a full suit, you can wear these corduroy trousers on their own, too.

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