Brown Pants Might Just Be Your New Best Friend

Brown Pants Might Just Be Your New Best Friend

Think of them as "chocolate" if it helps
brown pants outfit for men

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 20 2024 | 7 min read

We don’t love to talk about trends on here, but if there was a color of 2024? It would be brown. The color feels modern and cool in a way that sets it apart from other neutrals. An easy way to incorporate this hue into your wardrobe this year? A pair of brown pants. Brown pant outfits for men look and feel fresh, and can be dressed up or down so many ways.

So, if a pair of brown pants isn’t already on regular rotation in your closet, consider investing in a pair that fits you well, and that you really love this year.

Let’s break down why these monochromatic maestros are your ticket to looking effortlessly suave. Your wardrobe is about to go from meh to magnetic faster than you can say, “Brown is the new black.”

Tips For Wearing Brown Pants

Fit is king. Take the time to find a pair that fits you well in the hips, and hits at your ankle. If they’re too long, spring for a tailor to hem them or even take them in or let them out at the waist. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference it makes going from off the rack to (sort of) made-to-measure.

When in doubt, stick to neutral hues. When wearing brown pants, neutral colors like grey, navy, cream, and black make it easy to build outfits that look really good.

What brown pants to buy?

Depending on your lifestyle, you can fancy up your pants, or dress them down. Slim-fit brown trousers are great for a guy who works in an office, while a more modern, pleated pair could be right for someone who wants to push out of their fashion comfort zone.

As for fabrics, you can’t go wrong with wool or corduroy in various shades of brown the colder months. And when it’s warmer out? A pair of chocolate-colored chinos will come in handy all week long.

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Look 1: Workwear pants with a white shirt

mens brown pants outfits, brown pant outfits for men
image: @mat_buckets

You may think office style when envisioning brown pants outfits, but you can make a more casual look work, too. Opt for a pair of loose workwear pants and add a t-shirt. From there, add layers like a cardigan and non-standard denim jacket.

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Accessories like a dad hat or beanie that coordinates in color to the rest of the outfit add personality and lend a cohesive look.

On the bottom, you could flash some ankle or add white socks for a nerdcore-surfer vibe.

Look 2: brown pants with dress shoes

alexthanhn brown pants outfit with cream sweater, brown pant outfits for men
image: @alexthanhn

Yes, you can wear your brown pants with black shoes. Brown goes with black, and even lends a sophisticated, smart casual appeal when the rest of the outfit sticks more to neutrals than any loud or colorful piece.

This outfit would also look good with a cream or white t-shirt, or with the trousers swapped for cargo pants so long as they’re a slim or straight fit and not too baggy.

In this case, skip the belt in favor of other accessories like a bracelet or chain necklace.

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brown pants outfit with loafers

pants | t-shirt | merino hoodie | loafers

So we’re all on the same page, I’ll say it one more time: dark brown pants look great with black shoes!

But if you simply can’t bring yourself to use the color combo, the way I still can’t bear to end a sentence with a preposition? No worries. Brown shoes work well, too.

A cream sweatshirt or sweater up top keeps the rest of the vibe laid-back.

Look 3: Slouchy brown dress pants with a black sweater

daniel reith outfit
image: @daniel.reith

Yes, more brown and black together! Brown pant outfits for men look classy and cool when worn with a boxy jacket and black tee. Sunglasses at night? Sure, why not.

The looser fit might not be for everyone, but if you’re ready to dip your toe in the bigger pants trend, this casual brown pants outfit is a great place to start. Extra points for the breeziness of finishing the look with cool “Oh, these old things?” Old Skool sneakers.

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pants | sweater | sneakers | jacket | sunglasses

Look 4: Cropped men’s brown pants with high top sneakers

mens casual brown pants outfit
image: @fitting_in_now

Are you ready to embrace floodwater pants in 2024? High top sneakers continue to be on-trend, and this outfit shows it’s cool to show them off.

You could get the same effect by rolling or cuffing a longer pair of brown pants. Your call.

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pants | sneakers | beanie | sweatshirt

Love the navy blue beanie with these drawstring corduroy cropped pants. Sub in your own favorite grey or charcoal crewneck sweatshirt, or scoop up the Fair Harbor style above. Cold outside? Top with a leather jacket for a little extra edge.

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