How to Wear…Layers (and Lots of Them)

How to Wear…Layers (and Lots of Them)

Day 7 of #NoJeansJanuary
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 3 min read

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Traditionally, menswear more than women’s clothing tends to reap the seasonal rewards once temperatures start to float south of 75 degrees. Why, you ask? Layers, my friends…layers aplenty. While us ladies begin to combat the tyranny of tights under skirts or dresses, you fellas can pile on layers (and style) with textured pieces, unique outerwear, and your trusty wardrobe staples all season long. Enhance the utility and versatility of your layers by pairing more than two pieces together in multiple textures and colors for a look that’s as comfortable as it is impressive.

How to wear layers on day 7 of #NoJeansJanuary:#NoJeansJanuary - Layering

Shirt: J.Crew, $70 | Sweater: Belstaff, $295 | Pants: Incotex, $295

Blazer: Orvis, $375 | Lapel pin: Hook & Albert, $30 | Boots: Bar III, $87

Watch: Timex, $40 | Cologne: Clean, $90 | Belt: Wood & Faulk, $95 | Socks: Vans, $12

Wear it well with these quick tips:

  • Layering allows you to add more interesting textures to an outfit. The easiest way to upgrade any outfit combo? Swap a cotton sweater for a detailed knit one or switch your sport coat for a textured blazer.
  • A tweed or herringbone blazer are both excellent ways to incorporate a different textures in a classic color – and they can be worn with any outfit that would normally have a blazer or sport coat.
  • Once you’ve leveled-up your texture, choose colors that won’t blend in with each other as this makes the layers more distinct and impactful.
  • You can break up a suit with multiple additional pieces or pair chinos with a blazer to draw more attention to a layered look without having to buy tons of clothes each season.
  • Look for a more fitted shirt to layer underneath a sweater or cardigan to ensure multiple layers are streamlined instead of bulky or sloppy.

Need more denim-free style inspiration? We’ve got you covered with new outfits on the site each day. See what’s on deck all month long:

no jeans january, no jeans january steps, style challenge

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