How to Wear Navy: The Guy's Guide to Wearing More Color

An ideal shade for any season

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Apr 22 2019

Prime your closet for more color with this series of guides for bold shades. The team at SG HQ is breaking down how to wear stylish hues (like navy blue!) with easy color combinations and outfit ideas.

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What is navy and why should you wear it?

Named for the dark hue worn by sailors, navy is one of those magical colors that’s perfect for every single season. It’s also a shade that can take an outfit from just so-so to sharp in literally seconds—and while you might be tempted to phase it out for spring in lieu of brighter, lighter options, we think it should continue to make an appearance in your everyday wardrobe—and on special occasions, too.

Named for the dark hue worn by sailors in the British Royal Navy, this shade of blue definitely retains its aquatic association (although—fun fact—the blue of U.S. naval officer uniforms is actually black, in order to combat fading. #TheStruggleIsReal). When you seek out the shade, look for its darkest incarnation: the inkier the better. Once you’ve scored some navy, here’s what to do next:

What colors to wear with navy

How to wear navy

Navy is crazy-versatile, since it’s a color (duh) but one that functions as a neutral in your wardrobe. So while you can easily wear it with other neutrals like white, tan, and army green, you can also pair it with really bright colors that make a statement.

If you’re suit shopping—in any season—navy is always a good option to have hanging in your closet (check out our primer on shopping for your first suit here).

// How to wear navy at the office //


SG Says: Spoiler, you can pretty much pair navy with anything and it’ll look good. We especially like navy with other blues, including teal and bluebird. It’s also amazing in combination with its complementary hue on the color wheel: orange.

SG Says: Looking to dress down your navy but still look office-appropriate? How about swapping a sport coat for a navy cardigan? With dress pants and brown penny loafers, you’ll look impeccably put-together for whatever the day may throw at you.

// How to war navy on the weekend //

SG Says: Our ideal outfit for a Saturday stroll? A pair of navy chinos and top them off with a tangerine linen button-up and a pair of rich brown loafers. You can also never go wrong with navy and red together, be it through a pattern or separate solids.

SG Says: Of course, unlike the cheese, navy does not have to stand alone. This striped sweater is a great example of navy anchoring an item without being the whole damn thing. With a fun lightweight jacket and joggers, you’ve got the perfect weekend outfit.

When to wear navy

Weddings, work, walks along the boardwalk… the real question is when can’t you wear navy? We dig it with a white linen shirt during beachy vacations or all dressed in a slick suit for formal occasions—and don’t shy away from choosing navy for everyday basics, either!


Ready to add navy to your wardrobe rotation?

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