Men's Summer Style Essentials: 5 Pieces to Buy Now

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By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Jul 25 2019

Don’t shoot the messenger, but we are quickly approaching the end of summer. By August, it always feels a bit like the last day or two of a vacation where you’re still supposed to be enjoying yourself, but you’re preemptively sad that it’s almost over. You’re nostalgic, wistful even!, for something that’s not even gone yet.

At SG HQ, we combat the “end of summer” blues with a little, “But it’s still summer now” shopping. If you think about it, it’s really the perfect time to add a few men’s summer style essentials to your shopping list. Why? Because before you know it, stores (offline and otherwise) will be stocking fall boots and sturdy sweaters, and you’ll miss out on the best pieces to wear right now.

Below, this year’s five men’s summer style essentials:

Summer Style Essential #1

Wear-everywhere athleisure shorts

SG Says: This summer, the athleisure performance short has really come into its own.

Wear them to the gym, sure. But also? Wear them to brunch with your girlfriend at that new spot downtown! Wear them to your brother and his wife’s house for a cookout with the fam!

When you’re not actually wearing them to work out in, just treat athleisure shorts like a pair of khaki shorts. T-shirts, oxford button-ups, and long-sleeve knits are all fair game.

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Summer Style Essential #2

Knit short-sleeve shirt

Abercrombie Pima cotton textured knit tee, $34

SG Says: Between work and wedding season, there’s nearly no limit to how much wear you can get out of a “fancy” top like this knit polo from (…wait for it…) Abercrombie & Fitch.

Wear it with cuffed chinos and white sneakers like the model above, or with a lightweight summer suit (and maybe those same sneakers). You’ll look “nice” and stay comfortable even in the heat.

This one comes in six colors and honestly, at $34, you really can’t beat the price.

As far as fit goes? Aim for a style that’s snug on your arms but not too tight around your mid-section.

Summer Style Essential #3

Light wash Jeans

SG Says: Here at SG HQ, we’ve always stressed the importance of owning a pair of slim or straight, dark denim jeans. And we stand by that!

But we just can’t deny the cool factor of a good pair of light wash denim in the summertime. The most stylish pairs have a slim leg, and minimal (if any) whiskering and fading.

Wear them rolled up a little at the ankle with canvas sneakers or boat shoes to close out the summer in style.

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Summer Style Essential #4

“Fun” Shorts

SG Says: In addition to the athleisure, wear-everywhere shorts above, now’s the time to splurge on those patterned shorts you saw earlier this summer…but opted for a khaki pair in a solid color instead.

So much summer stuff is on sale now that you won’t feel so bad about a purchase you might not get all that much wear out of.

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Summer Style Essential #5


Soludos, $75

SG Says: We continue to be all in on espadrilles for summer. The easy-breezy style makes a great casual alternative to a boat shoe or sneaker and comes in so many colors and styles.

A tip? They’re much easier to dress up when there’s not too much going on. So if you want to wear a pair to, say, an outdoor wedding with a sport coat and chinos, go with a solid color fabric or leather. They’ll add just enough personality without going overboard.

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