Dating Advice for Guys

Dating Advice for Guys
side by side images of dave portnoy with his dog miss peaches and kanye west with his wife bianca censori, behind them is an image of caution tape
A Tale of Two Men
What do Kanye West and Dave Portnoy Have in Common?
image of a man wearing a short-sleeve button-down shirt, gazing off and to the left, in front of a home with a Spanish-style roof
Look Instantly More Attractive With These 13 Tips
Minimum effort, maximum reward
triptych of images of the bumble dating app pulled up on a mobile phone
Do We Even Need Dating Apps Anymore?
On the Bumble redesign and redefining our relationships with dating apps
picture of angry woman with small illustrations of people working in front of her
Notion Template Guy In the Streets, Notion Template Guy in the Sheets
On "hacking" your home life (and if you should)
beige flag tiktok trend
How Not to Raise “Beige Flags” in Dating
How to avoid this dating trend stumble
sober dating tips
Sober Dating Tip: Navigating Early Dates When You Don’t Drink
Whether You’re Sober or Just Sober-Curious
jerry maguire renee
3 Things Men Do that Women Love
okay guys, listen up
getting dumped
She Broke Up With You. You’re Welcome.
There’s never been a better time to work on yourself
What Women Think When They See Guys Naked
When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!
bruce springsteen barack obama legs crossed
Guys, Cross Your Legs
Way better than manspreading.
tom collins drink
7 Men’s Style Throwbacks To Bring Back Immediately
From vintage cocktails to retro date nights
good conversation, taylors take
How to Have a Good Conversation on a Date
Just like putting together a great outfit, it requires a bit of effort
tom holland rizz
How to Have More Rizz with Women
Charm school is in session
soft parenting trend
Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to “Soft Parent” You
So don't let her
travis kelce taylor swift first date
The Before, During, and After of a Great First Date
First date tips for men
married couple in up
How to Talk About Yourself on a Date
Including what to answer when she asks "So tell me about yourself"
lessons to learn from Travis Kelce
What Guys Can Learn from the Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Romance
This tight end has moves off the field, too
how to feel more confident
Guys, Here’s How to Feel and Act More Confident
Be your own hype man
modern man points
How Many Modern Man Points Have You Earned Today?
What women want in a man...that you can learn from the Berenstain Bears
style girlfriend wedding moodboard
Life Lately: Style Girlfriend Getting Married!
Record're probably wondering how I got here
side by side date suggestions
Want to Feel More Comfortable and Confident? Go On A Side By Side Date
Skip face to face...for now
boundaries vs rules
Rules are Not The Same Thing as Boundaries in a Relationship
We need to talk about Jonah
meet women at pilates
Want to Meet Women? Go to a Pilates Class
Strength training for your love life
Date Idea: Go Lingerie Shopping Together
Treat her, and you, to a shopping trip to remember
Tiger Woods tampon apology
It Wasn’t An Apology: Tiger and the Tampon
"Calm down, babe. It's just misogyny."
how to order wine
How to Order Wine On a Date Like a Pro
Tricks of the trade