What Women Think When They See Guys Naked

What Women Think When They See Guys Naked

When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!

By Team SG | Last Updated: Jan 16 2024 | 5 min read

Usually, Style Girlfriend shares the clothes women love to see men wearing, but today, we’re talking about what women want to see when you’re wearing little to nothing at all.

That’s right. We’re talking about ::bow chick a bow:: getting naked with a lady.

Look, we get it. The first intimate encounter a man has with a woman can feel both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. You want to present the best version of yourself, both physically and emotionally, and while there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success, there are a few things that our all-female team wish more guys knew.

What’s crazy is, we figured there was plenty of advice on the topic out there, but when we searched “What women think when they see you naked the first time,”  there were practically no results aimed at men!

Instead, what we found were pages and pages of articles about what men think when they see women naked.

Check it out:

what women think when they see guys naked

Like women are the only ones who feel a little anxious when stripping down to our skivvies?! We don’t think so.

Insecurities—especially around our bodies—are an equal opportunity mindfuck.

So, check out this primer on how to look and feel your best during this vulnerable interaction.

First up, what women think when they see guys naked:

You may be surprised to hear that we’re not checking out your abs (or lack thereof) when things move to the bedroom.

Instead, women are looking for visible indicators of how well you take care of yourself.

Are there holes at the waistband of your underwear? Are your toenails frighteningly long?

After a quick once-over, she’ll move onto wondering how you will act during the experience itself:

Will he make sure I have fun during this sexual encounter and not just get his own rocks off? Will he listen to what I want and don’t want to do?

The tl;dr

1) Looking and feeling your best when a woman sees you naked starts long before you’ve taken your clothes off.

2) By the time you make it to the moment, try to be present and enjoy the experience (and make sure she enjoys it too). Don’t waste time worrying about what your biceps look like.

Watch what Team SG has to say about this:

Now that you’ve got a peek inside the woman’s POV, check out these tips on how to feel your most confident when getting naked with a woman:

1. Take care of your grooming and personal hygiene ahead of time

Attending to your personal hygiene is crucial when it comes to making a positive impression between the sheets.

Take the time to groom yourself properly, ensuring your nails are clean and well-maintained, and your body hair is well-kempt. And don’t underestimate the power of a fresh shower and the (light!) application of a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

Good grooming demonstrates that you take care of yourself and signals respect for your partner. After all, you don’t want to subject her to bad body odor or a threatening hangnail.

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2. Dress to impress

We’re not talking about what you wear to dinner. We’re talking about what you wear underneath what you wear to dinner.

By the time you make it to the bedroom, you don’t want to be worrying about if there’s pit stains on your undershirt, or a hole in your sock.

When you’re actively dating, it’s a good time to invest in upgrading not just the clothes that make you feel confident out in the world, but the foundation pieces that will make you enthusiastic, not anxious about taking off your clothes.

Thankfully, it won’t break the bank to replace everything—truly, everything—in your underwear drawer if your skivvies are in a sorry state.

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Knowing your undergarments will look good if and when she sees them can significantly impact your confidence levels.

So get dressed, from your socks up, in items that make you feel comfortable and attractive, and that reflect your personal style.

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3. Practice active listening

Intimate encounters are not just about physical attraction but also about emotional connection.

Engage in active listening, and show genuine interest in your partner’s desires. Be responsive to her cues, allowing the interaction to flow naturally.

Establish clear boundaries and obtain consent (which can be as simple as, “Is this okay?” “Does that feel good?”) at every step. Remember, consent is an ongoing process and can be withdrawn at any time, so listen and respond to your partner’s verbal and non-verbal cues throughout the encounter!

By focusing on what your partner is communicating, you create a comfortable and safe space for both of you, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing the overall experience.

4. Confidence is key

Ultimately, confidence is the cornerstone of any successful intimate encounter. When you exude self-assurance, it not only makes you more attractive but also puts your partner at ease.

If you need to hype yourself up ahead of time, think about your positive attributes and focus on your strengths. Confidence is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin…and socks with no holes in them!

From the collective hive mind of the team at Style Girlfriend.