5 Days, 5 Ways: How to Wear a Popover Shirt

Scrumptious summer shirting

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Aug 4 2019

The popover is the shirt for sluggish summer mornings. Y’know, like Monday mornings after an especially lit weekend. Not that I’m hungover. Who’s asking?

What is a popover shirt, anyway?

Born in the 1960’s, the popover quickly became an Ivy League wardrobe mainstay, and with good reason. It has all the tailored benefits of your favorite button down, but with 60% less button-fumbling.

Plus, while casual in nature, the popover is nevertheless versatile enough to work its way out of your weekend wardrobe to go here there, and everywhere.

How to wear a popover shirt

Wear your popover the same way you would a favorite OCBD or polo…dressed up, or dressed down.


SG Says: Break up a more conservative office outfit with a popover shirt. It’ll take you from coffee with your co-workers to drinks with a client.


SG Says: Pink shorts were made for summer nights when mixed with dark brown and navy shades.

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SG Says: Jean jacket? Good. Chinos? Good. Chukkas? Good.

What else is there to say?


SG Says: Pair your popover with joggers to give them a more causal feel.

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SG Says: A popover is the perfect thing to pair with your swim trunks for a day at the pool or beach. It’s a great alternative to a t-shirt because you’ll look extra pulled together when it’s time to leave the water and hit the boardwalk.

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