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The Guy's Guide to Wearing Orange Sorbet

Skip the spoon and scoop this shade into your closet

Summer is here, the sun is beaming, and colors are popping. Prime your closet for more color with this series of guides for bold shades. Each week SG HQ is going to break down how to wear a stylish hue with easy color combinations and outfit ideas.

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Less saturated than peach, and a touch more vibrant

When it comes to frozen treats, we’re pretty firmly in the fro-yo camp. But that rule has its exceptions, particularly when we’re talking about color palettes. Fun fact: Folklore holds that Nero (you know, the insane Roman Emperor) invented sorbet during the first century by mixing slow with honey and wine.

We’ve improved on his recipe since with a variety of flavors: A lovely sorbet is the perfect shade (and treat!) for spring and summer—and a pale orange might just be the best of the bunch (though we do love a little mint in our lives, too).

This warm tone hue is a little less saturated than peach, and a touch more vibrant: We love orange sorbet paired with other pastel shades, mixed into prints and patterns, and all on its own with your everyday basics and even dressier outfits. Read on to get the details about how to make this shade work, no matter where you’re off to.

How to wear orange for work and weekend:

How To Wear

Now that spring is is session, start working orange sorbet into your wardrobe with some key basics. We recommend picking up a short sleeve light cotton shirt in a fun print featuring this shade—pair it with a bright cobalt shorts and you’re set.

You can also try this hue at the office with an oxford button up or a polo paired with chinos or denim.

At the office

Shirt: Nautica, $30 | Pants: J.Crew, $75 | Jacket: Urban Outfitters, $79

Shoes: Oak Street, $330 | Briefcase: Jack Spade: $398 | Belt: Anderson’s, $70

Socks: Lorenzo Uomo, $10 | Cologne: Le Labo, $140 | Watch: Michael Kors, $275

What To Pair

Orange might seem like a tough color to combine with other hues, but it actually does play well with others – especially when you’re dealing with a lighter shade, which tends to blend better.

An orange sorbet shirt will go well with teal, navy, olive or even grey shorts. Just take a look at a print you like that feature this shade: Chances are, whatever colors are in there are safe to mix and match.

On the weekend

Shirt: Billabong, $25 | Jacket: Calvin Klein, $99 | Shorts: JackThreads, $30

Backpack: Fjallraven, $180 | Shoes: Adidas, $95 | SocksHappy Socks, $7

Sunglasses: Dharma Co., $149 | Portable Speakers: Ecostone, $149 | Watch: Timex, $58

When To Wear

We’d limit this color to casual encounters—it’s pretty light, which makes it ideal for daytime, and because it falls toward the pastel side of the spectrum it’s not typically the right choice for dressier occasions. Except, of course, in the case of groomsmen: We love a line of guys in khaki suits with matching orange sorbet ties (and yes, light orange carnations pinned to their lapels).



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