The Best Men’s Lightweight Hoodies

The Best Men’s Lightweight Hoodies

Look good, feel light
best men's lightweight hoodies 2024

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 16 2024 | 4 min read

Face it, sometimes a thick, heavyweight hooded sweatshirt just feels…well, too heavy. Thankfully, there’s another way to achieve the cool style and physical warmth that a hoodie delivers. Enter: the lightweight hoodie, an unsung hero of men’s casual wardrobes.

Forget flimsy tees that don’t keep out the cold, or stiff jackets that suffocate. This versatile layer is about to become your go-to for everything from conquering crisp mornings to breezy summer nights.

Think breathable fabrics, effortless layering, and a level of comfort that makes sweatpants jealous. So buckle up, because Team SG is about to show you why this men’s wardrobe essential is about to become your new best friend.

But first…

Are lightweight hoodies in style?

Lightweight hoodies are the Rodney Dangerfield of a man’s wardrobe — they get no respect. My guess is it’s because the thinner fabric makes you think you shouldn’t have to spend much on one. And therefore, you wind up buying a cheap style, and you wind up disappointed by its flimsiness.

What makes a quality lightweight hoodie?

The construction and the fabric are what separate the just-okay lightweight hoodies from the great ones, so be prepared to invest in your lightweight pullovers the same way you would a heavyweight one.

While the price tag may be easier to justify to yourself on an item with more heft, don’t be fooled. Those key elements are the difference in a lightweight hoodie looking eh — not to mention falling apart in the wash — and one that you look and feel great wearing.

Below, the best men’s lightweight hoodies:

1. Marine Layer vintage slub hoodie, $70

marine layer Vintage Heavy Slub Hoodie

SG Says: Marine Layer has cornered the market on a variety of styles that can best be described as “rich surfer dad.” And that’s a compliment.

If that resonates with your own personal style, consider scooping this surprisingly sturdy slub hoodie.

2. Everlane waffle-knit hoodie, $75

everlane The Waffle-Knit Hoodie in heathered oatmeal

SG Says: I love the texture of this waffle-knit hoodie, for a stylish upgrade to your extra layers. It doesn’t have any unnecessary bells and whistles like thumbholes or the quick drying material of a tech fabric, and honestly, that’s what’s nice about it.

Wear it under your favorite light jacket for a look that can’t miss.

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3. Faherty sunwashed slub hoodie, $98

faherty sunwashed slub hoodie in light grey heather

SG Says: If you want a lightweight hoodie that hugs your body a bit more, opt for this bad boy. It has the softness of a broken-in t-shirt and the structure of a heavier-duty shirt, like a henley. The best of both worlds, really!

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4. Fair Harbor vintage-wash Saltaire hoodie, $88

fair harbor Vintage-Wash Saltaire hoodie

SG Says: This is the heaviest of all the featured hoodies, but still lightweight enough to make the rankings. The buttery soft hoodie is inspired by a sun-washed, decades-old sweatshirt stowed away at a family cottage — the kind you’d find in the attic and never put back.

Wear it as lightweight sun protection on your next beach or lake outing. Just be sure to wear the most important of all warm weather style accessories: sunscreen.

Fair warning: it’s got a very relaxed fit, so order a size down if you want a slimmer silhoutte.

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