Look Good, Feel Good in a Lightweight Hoodie

Look Good, Feel Good in a Lightweight Hoodie

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best lightweight hoodies for men

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 9 2022 | 3 min read

Lightweight hoodies are the Rodney Dangerfield of a man’s wardrobe. They get no respect.

Which doesn’t make sense to me, because guys wear them all spring and summer long!

My guess is it’s because the thinner fabric makes you think you shouldn’t have to spend much.

But much like concluding someone is smart because they are rich, you really shouldn’t jump to these assumptions.

Instead, you should be prepared to invest in your lightweight hoodies the same way you do thicker hoodie sweatshirts, like those from a Todd Snyder or a John Elliott. While the price tag may be easier to justify to yourself on an item with more heft, don’t be fooled.

The construction and the fabric are what separate the just okay lightweight hoodies from the great ones like the four you’ll find below.

Those key elements are the difference in a lightweight hoodie looking eh (not to mention falling apart in the wash) and one that you look and feel great wearing.

Below, the best men’s lightweight hoodies:

1. Rhone Reign Midweight Hoodie, $98

Rhone lightweight hoodies

SG Says: Rhone is quickly cornering the market on performance activewear that also looks really f*cking good.

This one’s got the softness of a broken-in t-shirt and the structure of a workout top. The best of both worlds, truly.

2. Devereux Slub Hoodie, $64

Devereux lightweight hoodies

SG Says: This golf brand has become a real favorite for Team SG to recommend, on and off the links.

This hoodie’s tapered sleeves help you avoid stretching and bunching under other layers.

3. Faherty Slub Hoodie, $118

Faherty lightweight hoodies

SG Says: If you want to make sure your lightweight hoodie doesn’t suggest you’re heading to or from the gym, opt for a style with a pattern or that comes in a brighter color.

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We love this Faherty sun and wave-festooned hoodie, which feels fun without looking too young.

If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, you can find the same style in a more standard stripe-y solid here.

4. Rag & Bone Classic Cotton Hoodie, $175

Rag & Bone lightweight hoodies

SG Says: A gently textured version of the brand’s Classic hoodie, this sweatshirt is made from slub cotton jersey for comfort and drape (aka, the way a garment lays on your body).

A ::chef’s kiss:: casual style essential.

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