Style Girlfriend Says: Meet The Intern!

Style Girlfriend Says: Meet The Intern!

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Mar 15 2017 | 3 min read

By popular demand…Meet Gabi, Style Girlfriend’s intrepid college intern!

You guys asked for an intro to my fantastic, proactive, super fun, uber-cool intern Gabi, and I’m more than happy to oblige.

Gabi is helping me out this semester, chipping in with everything from compiling Pinterest boards to fielding calls with web service partners to uploading my posts when I’m too technologically deficient to figure out the formatting myself (which happens, well, a lot).

I wanted to give her the chance to tell you more about herself and her thoughts on guys’ style – especially what you college boys out there are wearing – since she’s “in the field” seeing it every day.

Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments!


Hellllo Style Girlfriend readers! My name is Gabi, and I’m soooo happy to say that I am the Social Media Intern for Style Girlfriend this semester. I’m here to help Megan, your beloved Style Girlfriend, expand her web presence beyond


At least one of you (Shout-out to HelloNurse!) noticed that my name came up on the byline for the article “Wedding Style for Guys: Choosing the “Other” Ring (…Yours!),” but that’s not all I’ve done! I’ve been “pinning” on the Style Girlfriend Pinterest page, creating Outfits of the Day on Polyvore, and finding covetable, SG-Approved items for you to browse on The Fancy and Lyst. I also get to help answer reader questions, explore the archives and more! I would be jealous of me, if I wasn’t me.

I was super excited to intern with Style Girlfriend, because it’s the kind of thing that every single boy I know needs, BUT ESPECIALLY the three closest men in my life: 1) my father, 2) my brother, and 3) my boyfriend. Thankfully they have all improved leaps and bounds since I’ve shared my lessons on chukkas, dark, straight leg denim and everything else discussed here on Style Girlfriend. It’s really made me enjoy shopping for guys just as much as shopping for myself (which is far too much for normal people, and especially for a college student).

I’m a senior majoring in Advertising and Spanish at Pennsylvania State University, and living in Central Pennsylvania certainly isn’t easy on the style-keen eye: Lots of boot-cut jeans, and even more ratty sweatpants.

I KNOW you’re in college, and you probably just rolled out of bed, but do you REALLY think a red t-shirt and shiny, red sports shorts with flip-flops is an okay look? And in 50 degree weather?

It’s actually distracting me from my learning when your pale, clammy, hobbit feet are fondling the desk in front of you in my peripheral vision. Switch out the flip flops for some casual sneakers and the shorts for cords and then maybe I’ll dream of our future together instead of giving you the stink eye for your visible toe jam. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, because I KNOW that you are beyond capable of being cute.

…What do you think SG readers? Can you see why I adore her? Sensible opinions on winter footwear and a love of guys in dark-rinse denim and chukka boots..I mean, game over.

So, say hi! Tell Gabi about your best (or worst!) college fashion moment in the comments. And for you guys still in school, ask her all your academic-minded style questions!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Gabi Meyers went from Team SG's first-ever intern to a trusted fashion editor and stylist. She currently lives in Chicago with a very cute dog.