6 Men’s Spring Date Outfits to Wear Now

6 Men’s Spring Date Outfits to Wear Now

Catch spring (style) fever
image of a men's striped Breton shirt and green drawstring shorts set against a faded background of a modern home

By Caroline Reilly | Last Updated: Apr 4 2024 | 4 min read

There are many perks to a spring date. The season brings with it a general “Love is in the air” vibe, which bodes well for romance. Plus, the in-between transitional outfits mean you can layer up or down as needed.

Personally, I love an active date in the spring, something like a trip to the zoo or aquarium.

After all, it’s virtually impossible to not have fun watching animals do their thing. It’s also virtually impossible to run out of things to talk about at a zoo or aquarium.

I get it. First date topics, second date topics, hell, even tenth date topics can feel tricky sometimes!

How do you keep your date engaged without sounding like you’re conducting a job interview? Literally not a problem when it’s elephant feeding time at the zoo. 

Below, check out 6 stylish date outfits for men to wear in the spring:

Meeting for coffee

image of a men's outfit featuring a green striped short sleeve shirt, grey seersucker pants, grey New Balance sneakers, and an army green Timex watch

Shop the outfit:

The Look: A lightweight plaid shirt, easy-breezy jeans, and statement footwear

SG Says: This outfit is deceptively stylish.

It’s so simple, but the coordinating colors in the shirt and watch takes the whole thing up a notch.

Day drinks spring date outfit

men's outfit featuring a short-sleeve patterned shirt, off-white jeans, a chain necklace, and Nike mid sneakers

Shop the outfit:

The Look: Think spring!

SG Says: I love the light feel of this outfit, and how the colors in the shirt and pants are picked up subtly in the sneakers.

You’ll look put together without feeling overly formal.

If it’s warm-ish out, swap the pants for chino shorts to flash a little leg.

Headed to the museum spring date outfit

men's outfit featuring black jeans, maroon t-shirt and shirt jacket, and black low-top sneakers

Shop the outfit:

The Look: Monochromatic vibes

SG Says: You’ll be sure to impress your date in this outfit. It’s sophisticated while totally comfortable. It’s just jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers, after all!

A day-to-night men’s spring date outfit

men's outfit featuring an oxford cotton button down shirt, dark grey 5-pocket pants, a western-style black belt, and black wallabee boots

Shop the outfit:

The Look: Serious style

SG Says: Maybe you’re headed to a movie, and it will be dark outside by the time it’s over.

Whether you head to a bar for drinks or out to dinner, a date outfit that balances “I made an effort for you” with “I love Beyoncé’s new album and have totally gotten the western style memo?” will ensure you look great for wherever the evening takes you.

A casual men’s spring date outfit

collage of men's clothing items for a spring date. items include a pink hoodie sweatshirt, blue jeans, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and brown lace-up boat shoes

Shop the outfit:

The Look: A casual pop of color

SG Says: Not every date look has to be overly thought out. You’ll feel totally comfortable in this outfit, and still look cute.

Win win!

Strolling through a park spring date outfit

men's outfit featuring light green drawstring shorts, Birkenstock clogs, and a long-sleeve striped Breton shirt

Shop the outfit:

The Look: Parisian chic meets farmer’s market-core

SG Says: When the weather’s cooperating, head outside! This outfit is perfect for strolling through a park or farmer’s market and smelling the flowers and/or heirloom tomatoes.

Not into Birkenstocks? Swap the clogs for a pair of espadrilles or penny loafers.


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